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Former head of the Captains Endowment Association Roy T. Richter has died, sources confirmed to DailyMail.com on Wednesday. 

Richter, 56, was found dead in his Westchester home, multiple sources said. 

Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Richter died by suicide from an intra-oral gunshot wound. 

The former police captain died yesterday, on what appears to have been his wife’s birthday. 

‘Roy Richter was a consummate professional, highly respected across every rank in the NYPD and beyond,’ a law enforcement union official said.

‘His positive impact on the lives of thousands of cops over the course of his union leadership will always be his legacy. He will be dearly missed.’ 

Former head of the NYPD Union Roy T. Richter has died, sources confirmed to DailyMail.com on Wednesday

Richter was found dead by suicide in his Westchester home, multiple sources said

Richter served in the NYPD for 33 years before retiring in January 2020 as Deputy Inspector of the License Division.  

He chaired the Captains Endowment Association union for 12 years having been elected for three consecutive terms. 

The union represents 780 active and 1,400 retired uniformed commanders in rank of Captain through Deputy Chief. 

During his time at the help Richter successfully negotiated multi-year bargaining agreements, including a new contract deal on his final day in office that added a 10 percent boost in compensation for members. 

He also chaired the Welfare Fund that provides various medical benefits to 5,500 families and served as a trustee to the $32 Billion Police Pension Fund.

The former police captain (pictured, right) died yesterday, on what appears to have been his wife’s birthday

Alongside his work in policing Richter was also an attorney and partner at Bifulco & Richter LLP, where he specialized in labor, tax, and estate planning for 23 years. 

Richter studied law at Fordham University School of Law, graduating in 1998, and also undertook a course at Columbia University Police Management Institute in 2003.  

Maria Mammano, a member of the Board of Governors at American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement wrote on Facebook: ‘Terrible news, Roy Richter has died. Say prayers for his soul and his family.’ 

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