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Jamie Cail’s parents have said the swimming star had a black eye and broken nose as they slapped down the US Virgin Islands’ claim she died of a fentanyl overdose.

The 42-year-old was found dead at her home on St John Island by her boyfriend Kamal Thomas, 34, on February 21. A postmortem examination concluded that she had died from a fentanyl overdose.

But her parents rubbished the finding and revealed they have seen photographs from the report which suggest their daughter had been beaten.

Cail’s mother Pat told Good Morning America: ‘She had a black eye. Her forehead appeared to have had blunt trauma to the forehead. It appeared her nose had been broken. Her lips had blood around them.’

Cail’s mother Pat told Good Morning America : ‘She had a black eye. Her forehead appeared to have had blunt trauma to the forehead. It appeared her nose had been broken. Her lips had blood around them’

Jamie Cail (pictured) was just 42 when she was found unresponsive on the floor of her boyfriend’s home in the US Virgin Islands

Her family rejected claims the gold-medal winning swimmer (pictured here at the Phillips 66 National Championship in Tennessee) died of a fentanyl overdose

Thomas, who sources described as a ‘bad boy’ said he discovered his girlfriend unresponsive after returning home from the pub. He and a friend then took her to a hospital but she could not be revived.
A report by a Virgin Islands coroner, shared last week with the US Virgin Islands Police Department, stated that Cail, a member of the US team at the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships as a teenager, died from ‘fentanyl intoxication with aspiration of gastric content’ and ruled her death as ‘accidental’. But her parents have angrily refuted claims their daughter was an opioid user.

‘Jamie Cail never did drugs.  Never. There is no way that she had fentanyl in her voluntarily,’ her mother added.

The family have also accused authorities in the Virgin Islands of withholding information about the case including the autopsy report.

Gary Cail said: ‘We had somebody that we authorized to go to the funeral home and to view. That’s all they would allow us. 

‘That’s all they would allow her to see. She photographed the face. We don’t know if there’s anything else on the rest of the body. We don’t have the autopsy report.’

Cail had been living in the Virgin Islands for two decades prior to her death but was preparing to return home to the US on March 14, according to her parents.

Kamal Thomas, 35, said he found Cail at their home on St John Island after returning home from the pub

Jamie (center in the black Bolles suit) was a champion swimmer as a teenager and competed for the US national swimming team multiple times

She was a former swimming champion who scooped a gold medal at the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships as a teenager, and a silver medal at the Swimming World Cup in Brazil.

Her cousin Jessica DeVries also previously slammed claims Cail was a drug user, saying that the family were ‘completely devastated to have Jamie’s name tarnished in this way’.

She also claimed to have seen photo which showed her cousin’s head had been caved in.

She said: ‘Jamie’s face was smashed in, the top of her skull and nose.Her face is bashed in. Did fentanyl do that to her?

‘We know that Jamie did not ingest fentanyl intentionally. There is definitely foul play.’

At the time of her death Cail was living with Thomas, 35, a violent thug who was convicted for his part in a brutal attack in 2007 against tourist James Cockayne, 21, just hours before his deaths. 

Thomas was initially convicted of two counts of third-degree assault and associated weapons charges but this was later quashed after it was ruled prosecutors had not turned over a vital piece of evidence.

His charges were reduced to third degree assault, simple assault, weapons charges and threatening a witness following a second trial in 2010.

He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and slapped with a fine of $11,750, according to the V.I. Daily News. 

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