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Jessica Simpson looked Texas glamorous for her fall 2023 Jessica Simpson Collection.

In new images shared on Wednesday, the blonde beauty looked stunning in a skimpy white top that made the most of her cleavage

The 43-year-old performer was seen in close up with her blonde hair down in soft beach waves.

She was beautifully made up as she showed off her new silver and turquoise jewelry – she had on a bold necklace with large hoop earrings and several bracelets.

The Dukes Of Hazzard actress has been pushing her fall 2023 collection all month.

Simpson’s company was launched in 2005. To date, the brand has earned over $1 billion in revenue and is the most successful celebrity licensing brand in history. 

A good look: Jessica Simpson looked country glamorous for her fall 2023 Jessica Simpson Collection. In new images shared on Wednesday, the blonde beauty looked stunning in a skimpy white top that made the most of her cleavage

Last week she was seen in a casual country look. 

‘Aviators, turquoise, suede fringe, big blonde locks, acrylics, and a vintage Willie Nelson tee shirt- don’t get more Texas Glam than this. Rodeo on Rodeo,’ it said on her company’s Instagram page. 

The day before she was seen in Daisy Duke denim shorts with a matching vest.

The star wore the same type of shorts beautifully in the 2005 film Dukes Of Hazzard.

The Employee Of The Month actress also had on silver and turquoise jewelry and her long blonde hair was worn in soft beach waves over her shoulders.

Jessica married former NFL player Eric Johnson in 2014. The couple has three children: daughter Maxwell, 11; son Ace, nine; and daughter Birdie, four.

The former reality star admitted in 2019 that she lost 100lbs nearly six months after giving birth to her third daughter, Birdie. 

She followed a meal plan and walked 14,000 steps per day with help from celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, and has since shared updates from the gym as she’s maintained the weight loss through the years. 

‘6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240),’ she wrote on Instagram when revealing her weight loss. 

She has a thing for turquoise and silver! Seen in her summer 2023 collection in a long white dress and lots of jewelry

‘My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for many reasons, but so proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder.’

Harley told E! News at the time: ‘It had to be more than just getting back from her baby weight, but how do I keep whatever I am doing now forever. That’s why we are not a big fan of doing any extreme diet or radical forms of exercise.’ 

Simpson told Hoda Kotb during an appearance on the Today Show in 2021 that she never weighs herself anymore, doesn’t own a scale and follows her intuition with how she feels when picking out her clothes.

‘I have no idea how much I weigh,’ she said. ‘Like, I just want to feel good and be able to zip my pants up. If I don’t, I have another size. I have every size.’

In September 2022 Simpson said she is happy to ‘make money off’ the chatter surrounding her fluctuating weight.

The star acknowledges that her weight has been the subject of speculation for years, and it was actually one of the reasons she decided to launch her own fashion line, The Jessica Simpson Collection.

Still a pinup: Last week she looked ready for the rodeo. The 43-year-old performer had on Daisy Duke shorts that she paired with and Willie Nelson shirt and cowgirl boots while posing on a dirt road

Pin-up: The actress pictured above in the 2005 movie The Dukes Of Hazzard; seen on the right on Wednesday for her fall 2023 collection

Family: Jessica married former NFL player Eric Johnson on July 5, 2014, and the couple has three children

The singer –  told Extra: ‘I decided, ‘Okay, everybody is going to talk about my weight all the time, I might as well make money off of it and turn it into a business of selling clothes and acceptance.”

By contrast, in 2021, Jessica admitted to being hurt by the scrutiny she’s faced. The blonde beauty felt there was an intense focus on her looks and her weight when she was younger.

She explained: ‘There is a wonderful movement for body positivity now and the response to that portion of my story has been overwhelmingly supportive.’

Weight loss journey: Jessica has been open about her weight with fans (Pictured left in 2006, and right in 2012 when she was pregnant with her first child) 

The debate about her weight caused Jessica to agonize about her looks.

However, she has since learned how to love her body. Jessica – who made her film debut as Daisy Duke in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ in 2005 – said: ‘I spent so many years beating myself up for an unrealistic body standard that made me feel like a failure all of the time.

‘I am still a work in progress when it comes to self-criticism but now I have the tools to quiet those voices in my head when they speak up. I believe in my heart that a healthy body and a sound mind-body connection are what’s truly important and help me accept imperfections as beauty.’

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