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This is the moment passengers cheered a ‘disruptive’ tourist as he was pulled off a Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Ibiza after the plane was forced to make an early stop in Bordeaux, France.

Video showed French police helping the man to his feet and trying to guide him down the aisle after the diversion on Tuesday lunchtime.

At one point, the tourist is seen to fall backwards on to one of the rows, before awkwardly making his way to the exit.

As the man finally reaches the front of the plane, a Police Nationale officer joins in with the fuss, jeering: ‘Olé!’

Ryanair confirmed the Boeing 737 from Liverpool John Lennon Airport was forced to divert to Bordeaux after ‘a passenger became disruptive inflight’.

A spokesman said: ‘Crew called ahead for police assistance and the aircraft was met by local police upon arrival who removed the passenger.’

The man was seen being pulled off the plane by Police Nationale in Bordeaux, France

Passengers – and at one point even an officer – cheered as the man was hauled from the plane

The plane took off from Liverpool at 12:40pm on Tuesday, October 3, headed for Ibiza – but was forced to land early after a passenger became ‘disruptive’.

Just over an hour into the flight, the plane diverted towards Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, landing at 3:29pm local time.

Police met the plane on the tarmac, Ryanair confirmed, and escorted the ‘disruptive’ passenger off the flight.

The footage shows the man, wearing a black top and black shorts, awkwardly being helped down the aisle by police, towards the exit.

The man looks around, appearing confused. 

Other passengers are seen filming the man as he is escorted through the plane. 

Officers asked if he had luggage with him before helping him disembark. 

One passenger is heard saying ‘oh my God’ as the passenger struggles down the steps.

Another says: ‘He can’t walk down them.’ 

As the man is carried off the plane towards a female officer, a passenger adds: ‘She’s laughing her head off!’ 

The man is finally seen being carried off under the supervision of two officers, as two others follow.

According to The Liverpool Echo, the flight continued to Ibiza after a short delay.

The ‘matter’ was handed over to local police. 

The video went viral on social media, sparking a range of responses.

One user wrote on X: ‘Nothing like someone recording ya when your [sic] f*****, times we live in eh’.

Another replied: ‘Nothing like a sausage ruining 185 peoples [sic] holiday’.

RaveFootage posted: ‘He’s in for a shock when he wakes up in Bordeaux instead of Bossa.’ 

In January, a lovesick holidaymaker from Liverpool was turned away from a flight from Manchester to Ibiza after staff told him he was too drunk to board the plane. 

Kyle Windsor had been drinking in a departure lounge after arriving at Manchester Airport four hours early to ‘hit the duty frees’.

But Jet2 staff were tipped off about the 27-year old’s condition by other holidaymakers and they refused to let him get on the flight when he arrived at the boarding gate.

Two officers helped the man down the steps and off the plane after diverting to Bordeaux

A ‘strap’ was put around the man’s hands as he was safely escorted from the flight

A third officer was pictured at the bottom of the steps, ready to help take the tourist away

Windsor pushed over passenger service assistant Roy Franklin and sent him crashing into a metal barrier before yelling: ‘You f*****g fat slag’ at colleague Sarah McLean as she tried to calm him down. 

Families waiting to board looked on in horror as Windsor shouted ‘who the f**k are you’ at them before he was arrested by Greater Manchester Police and taken to Cheadle Heath custody suite.

He was found to have a wrap of cocaine in his pocket – which his solicitor told the court in mitigation that Windsor ‘thought was ketamine’.

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