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Hollywood superstar and hardman Vinnie Jones is set to star in a brand new documentary series that has been dubbed the ‘next Clarkson’s Farm‘.

The ex-footballer is working with Lime Pictures – the creators of Hollyoaks and Geordie Shore – on a docu-series about his new life on a sprawling 147-acre plot on a farm in West Sussex.

It comes after the tragic death of his wife, Tanya, who he was married to for 25 years before sadly losing her to cancer in July 2019 at just 53 years of age.

Mr Jones, 58, sold their former Watford home and their LA home because he could not cope with the idea of living there without his beloved wife.

Vinnie Jones pictures with his wife Tanya. Following her sad passing away, Vinnie Jones has been pushing himself out of his comfort zone

Pictured, Vinnie Jones hunting. His new series has be likened to Clarkson’s Farm which shows the petrol head try to make a profitable agricultural business

But following Tanya’s sad passing, he has pushed himself out of his comfort zone, starring in Celebrity X-Factor in 2019, and now he is working on this brand new venture, which will show him renovating his South of England farm into a sustainable agribusiness.

The series will also build upon his passion for the British countryside.

Mr Jones said: ‘Most people know me as a professional footballer or Hollywood hardman, but what they probably don’t know is all of that hard work has been to support my real passion: my home in the great British countryside.

‘I was raised living off the land and can’t wait to show people the joy and beauty of our countryside, and the reward of old-fashioned hard work. Bring it on.’

As part of the transformation, Mr Jones and his team will look to establish new conservation methods, restore habitats and attract wildlife.

It is a similar premise to Clarkson’s Farm, the Amazon series showing Grand Tour and former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson as he tries to turn his ‘Diddly Squat Farm’ into a sustainable and profitable business.

Vinnie Jones is best known for being an ex-footballer and also playing hardman Hollywood roles. (Pictured, Mr Jones on the set of Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels, 1997)

Mr Clarkson called his farm ‘Diddly Squat’ because of the paltry amount of money the farm makes.

The series was ordered for Warner Bros. Discovery UK & Ireland by Clare Laycock, SVP head of Content, Networks & Streaming.

They said in a statement: ‘After decades on the football pitch and silver screen, we are delighted to bring Vinnie Jones and this heart-warming new series to Discovery+.

‘Vinnie’s charisma, determination and fiery personality shine through in this series and viewers are going to love getting to know a surprising new side to this hard-as-nails footballer: a true country gentleman.’

Lime Pictures creative director of Format & Talent, Becky Cadman, added: ‘We are thrilled to be working with Warner Bros. Discovery to bring Vinnie Jones’ countryside vision to life. Expect chaos, comedy, and a whole lot of heart.’


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