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An Aussie wildlife rescuer has been hailed a hero after he saved a bloodied ibis that had become stranded at a fishing park. 

William Watson received a call from rangers the bird had become stuck at Bli Bli Barra Fishing Park, on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, on Sunday.

Footage showed the Wildlife Noosa worker wasting no time to rescue the injured animal as he waded across the water to try and retrieve it.  

The white ibis, more commonly known as the bin chicken, is seen in the footage standing on a tree on the bank of the water. 

The white Ibis was left bloodied (pictured) after it was tangled up in a fishing line that was attached to a hook on a tree

Mr Watson draws nearer to the bird when he realises the ibis had become stuck to the tree after getting tangled up in fishing line.

‘It wasn’t too well, it had tried to free itself all night,’ he told Yahoo

Mr Watson is then seen in the footage using his extendable folding net to guide the bird towards him, before finally getting his hands on the ibis.

He tries to delicately untangle the fishing line from the animal, which was left with a bloodied wing.

Mr Watson later makes his way back across the water gently holding the bird under his arm before the animal is brought to safety. 

The bird was then taken to a vet where it was later treated for its injuries. 

Unfortunately, Mr Watson said the bird later died from its injuries.

He said fishing lines are often the cause of a number of injuries to animals who end up stumbling across the items. 

William Watson, a wildlife rescuer (pictured) made his way across the water to recue the stranded bird after rangers at a fishing park alerted him to the bird that was badly injured after it became stuck on the riverbank

Mr Watson (pictured) untangled the fishing line from the bird and brought the animal safely back to shore as social media users praised the man for his heroic effort

‘Fishing line entanglement is massive in the oceans and rivers,’ he said.

‘A lot of wildlife drown from fishing lines and hooks because it gets caught up and they can’t get out of the water.’ 

The video which was uploaded to Facebook where social media users praised the wildlife rescuer for his efforts to try and save the bird.

‘Well done. What a legend,’ one wrote. 

‘Amazing rescue,’ another wrote. 

Others expressed their frustrations at discarded fishing lines which can harm wildlife animals. 

‘I wish fishermen took better care of the environment, and not leave fishing gear behind,’ one wrote. 

A hook? Why the hell are fishermen harming these birds?’ another said. 

A spokesperson from wildlife organisation WIRES told Yahoo abandoned fishing gear can be deadly to wildlife and urged people people not to dispose the items irresponsibly. 

‘The big message is to please, if there aren’t any council bins for disposal, take it home and dispose of it there,’ the spokesperson said. 

The hook (pictured right) was removed from the bird after the animal was taken to a vet to be treated for it’s injuries 

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