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Tenant from hell Elizabeth Hirschhorn (pictured left) was kicked out of a $2.6million rental in Oakland, California , less than two months before moving into the ritzy Brentwood guesthouse she has since refused to leave, DailyMail.com can reveal. Hirschhorn, 55, is demanding $100,000 to leave the luxury Los Angeles property that she rented through Airbnb in September 2021 and has been squatting in ever since. Now, as she is pictured here for the first time, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal Harvard-educated Hirschhorn did the same thing to a Bay Area landlord – and cited Covid-19 in that case as well before eventually settling the case in July 2021.

Hirschhorn, who previously lived in Pasadena, California, and in Tucson, Arizona , with her elderly parents, can been seen in unearthed social media photos posing with fellow alumni at the class of 1990’s 25-year reunion in 2015. Court filings reveal the current Brentwood tenant-landlord dispute is strikingly similar to the Oakland case, which also saw Hirschhorn embroiled in a dispute over cleaning, with the man from whom she initially sublet the property moving out due to her ‘hostile behavior’, leaving her alone in the house where she continued to stay despite having no tenancy agreement and paying no rent. Hirschhorn also recently settled another dispute – this time over an unpaid $19,000 American Express credit card bill.

As in the other cases, she countersued claiming she wasn’t liable for the full amount before being ordered to pony up both the bill and AMEX’s legal costs by a Los Angeles judge in April. Calls, texts and emails to Hirschhorn by DailyMail.com regarding both her current situation and her previous property dispute went unanswered. Hirschhorn has now been dubbed ‘America’s worst Airbnb renter’ after it emerged that she has squatted in the guesthouse belonging Sascha Jovanovic, 61, for more than 540 days after her initial six-month tenancy expired while paying no rent.

Jovanovic (pictured), who bought his palatial $3.8million mansion since 1997, has repeatedly tried to boot Hirschhorn out – even offering alternative accommodation in a hotel and $2,000 to relocate. But despite his efforts, Hirschhorn told him that she wants $100,000 to move and added: ‘I don’t feel safe being forced to vacate with a housing disability and the high risks of Covid-19 complications.’ DailyMail.com can reveal the Oakland case is strikingly similar and saw her sublet a room in a $2.6million cottage around September 2019 and then refuse to move out even after the original tenant left due to her behavior. As in the Jovanovic case, she ended up squatting in the home rent-free for more than a year and gave Covid regulations and health concerns as her reasons for staying put. And, like in the LA legal battle, she countersued landlords Brian and Gordon Bishop – claiming their actions had been harmful to her health and accusing them of ‘negligence’.

According to the complaint, which was filed in August 2020, Hirschhorn had sublet a room in the property from tenant Alex Lewin but became involved in a dispute with him over cleaning. The papers say: ‘[Brian Bishop] is informed and believes, defendant made unreasonable requests of Mr. Lewin to replace all her personal items that were allegedly damaged by an unknown substance that was released into the air. ‘Additionally, defendant made requests for Mr. Lewin to clean the premises in a very specific manner due to her hypersensitivity to allergens.’ It is unclear precisely when Hirschhorn moved in, but a separate case over an unpaid credit card bill includes statements which show she rented a car from Enterprise near her former home in Pasadena, California, on August 30, 2019 and dropped it off in Oakland two days later.

The legal documents go on to allege that Lewin moved out of the home on March 5, 2020 due to Hirschhorn’s ‘hostile’ behavior and that she continued to live there after he left despite having no tenancy agreement with the Bishop brothers and not paying any rent. In her cross-complaint, which was filed in October 2020 – giving the Oakland property as her address – Hirschhorn claimed that Gordon Bishop had released ‘a harmful substance’ into the home on November 22, 2019. Although the Bishop brothers’ complaint says Lewin had the property professionally cleaned, Hirschhorn claims the opposite and said he refused to do so. She then went on to say the landlords ‘pressured’ her to leave during the Covid-19 shutdown which amounted to negligence on their part. She said she returned ‘following defendants’ partial cleaning of the property on February 13, 2020.

‘However, the cleaning was insufficient,’ she said and she ‘continued to be exposed to the harmful substance and pressured by cross-defendants to vacate, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic shelter-in-place order.’ As a result, she said she continued to suffer. The case was eventually settled on July 20, 2021 – just over a month before Hirschhorn moved into the guesthouse Airbnb where she has lived for the last 540 days. Further court papers obtained by DailyMail.com show Massachusetts native Hirschhorn was also sued by American Express over an unpaid credit card debt totaling $19,617.82 in February 2021. The case, which was initially filed in Oakland before being moved to Los Angeles, also saw Hirschhorn countersue – claiming the credit card company had not reimbursed her for a series of false charges made by a relocation company and that therefore, she was not liable.

In the end, the case was settled after more than two years of wrangling in April with Hirschhorn forced to admit that she is on the hook for $19,037.96 plus costs and ordered to repay the money in installments of $541.67 per month. Hirschhorn’s dispute with Airbnb host and renowned dentist Jovanovic is now at the center of an ongoing lawsuit to evict her, but an LA judge has said he has no right to remove the ‘tenant.’ According to court documents, Jovanovic approved a six-month stay for Hirschhorn from September 13, 2021 to March 19, 2022 – a total of 187 nights – for $105 a night and $19,833 total. She extended her stay by 24 additional days with an end date of April 12. Things turned hostile when Jovanovic went to fix the electronic blinds in his guesthouse after receiving a complaint from Hirschhorn. When he was inside the property, he noticed there was mold and water damage around the sink, which he claimed were not there before her stay.

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