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An ‘Australian’ man was thrown to the ground and subdued by his fellow plane passengers after he allegedly stabbed the man sat next to him because he ‘thought he was going to bite [him].’

Alexey Fursov was detained by Russian police in Moscow after allegedly stabbing a fellow passenger with a fork, piercing ‘the victim in the chest, shoulder and back in the frenzied attack’ on a plane from Bangkok. 

Passengers on the flight also said the 35-year-old, who reportedly told another passenger he had a wife and son in Australia, had a knife up his sleeve and sharp scissors. 

Dramatic footage shows Fursov, 35, being subdued and detained by officials shortly after the incident. 

Fursov can be heard pleading for his restraints to be taken off, claiming he did not what was going on as he had been ‘away for four years.’

Alexey Fursov (pictured) was detained by Russian police in Moscow after allegedly stabbing a fellow passenger with a fork

He was heard moaning that his restraints were hurting him too much, shortly after he allegedly stabbed a man with a fork

Flight attendants and passengers can be seen telling him to hop towards the back of the plane as Fursov moans in pain. 

He is then placed on what appears to be a seat at the very back of the plane, and tried justifying his actions by claiming he believed the alleged victim ‘was gonna bite [him].’

‘I got my fork ready, then he twitched again, I just stood him up and then I decided to poke him,’ seemingly downplaying the alleged attack. 

‘I thought I’d just poke him and he’s disappear.’

An incredulous witness then sarcastically asks him: ‘Like a balloon bursting?’

Fursov was then seen being taken away in cuffs by a Moscow police officer with a dazed look on his face.  

He was detained by Moscow police once the flight from Bangkok landed

He claimed that he thought the man sitting next to him was going to bite him

Furzov reportedly told a fellow passenger that he had a wife and son in Australia, and had not been back to Russia in four years

Moscow Police took him off the plane and detained him

‘After he was tied up, for the rest of the flight he was guarded by passengers in hour-long shifts as he kicked and tried to free himself,’ a witness told Moscow media.

The victim is understood to have survived the attack, though was given first aid by cabin crew members.

Fursov’s alleged attack comes after passengers on another plane from Bangkok were sent into a frenzy after an otter that was smuggled onboard began running free alongside a rat

Shocked passengers noticed a giant albino rat with glistening red eyes when they walked to the bathroom on the Airbus A320 flying to Taiwan on Wednesday.

Flustered air hostesses searched the plane and noticed a second wild creature – a foot-long otter under a seat.

The crew can be seen tying up a black bag that appears to have at least one of the animals inside it. 

Shockingly, a box of 28 live turtles was also found when police searched the plane upon landing in Taipei following the three-hour and 45-minute low-cost flight operated by Vietnamese carrier Viet Jet.

Officials launched an investigation into how the creatures were smuggled through the security checks at the notoriously corrupt Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand.

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