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A man filmed stomping out a woman’s rear windshield over the weekend has been arrested, police have revealed – after members of the public worked to identify him using the now-viral video.

Filmed Sunday, the footage comes from Philly, and 6abc Philadelphia reports that it’s 26-year-old Cody Heron seen embarking on the rampage – hitting Nikki Bullock’s car before scaling and smashing its window in front of a crowd of other motorists.

Both of Bullock’s children, aged five and two, were in the car at the time – and the incident ended with the man believed to be Heron brandishing a gun at the mom. No one intervened to help.

While no one was hurt during the hectic encounter – which happened at a red light – the suspect managed to drive off unhindered, and outraged sleuths across the country worked relentlessly to name and shame the then-at-large crook.

On Thursday, Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore revealed that those efforts were not for naught – and said a suspect had been taken in thanks to an outflow of feedback.

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A man filmed stomping out a woman’s rear windshield over the weekend has been arrested, police have revealed – after members of the public worked to identify him using the video

Filmed Sunday night, the footage comes from Philly, and reportedly shows 26-year-old Cody Heron embarking on the rampage – hitting Nikki Bullock’s car and eventually scaling and smashing its back window before fleeing

Cops have since made an arrest – using tips offered by the general public after sleuths tore apart the footage in an effort to identify the perp

He wrote of the motorcyclist seen in the clip – which is now being shared nationwide: ‘Great tips from public and some outstanding detective work.’

‘SIG & Major Crimes Detectives have made an arrest overnight in the assault/vandalism that occurred on Sunday in center city, involving the male on the motorcycle.’ 

Sent just before 6:30am, the statement assured the public: ‘More will follow.’

The announcement did not formally name the suspect as Heron, but law enforcement sources told 6abc Philadelphia that he was the man snapped up in relation to the case – an assertion echoed in multiple analytical videos aired by citizens who pored through social media accounts to identify the helmet-clad man.

The outlet reported Heron was arrested on E. Stiles Street in the Frankford section of the city overnight, some seven miles away from where the motorcycle altercation – which looked like a scene out of Mad Max – took place Sunday night.

Having happened around 9pm at a highly trafficked intersection near City Hall, the incident began when a group of ATV and dirt bike riders converged at a red light, with the man thought to be Heron seen pulling aside Bullock’s red sedan.

During the stop, the pair – both still seated in their respective vehicles – began a dispute about changing lanes.

Speaking to NBC10, the mom – who has been hailed as fearless for how she handled the interaction – began when she changed lanes around the horde of bikers. 

Early Thursday, Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore revealed an outflow of feedback and tips helped them identify the perpetrator, who was reportedly arrested seven miles from the scene either last night or early this morning

The man believed to be the arrested suspect is seen smashing the rear windshield of a car driven by the young mom  – showing complete disregard for her children in the back

The mother gets out to confront him despite him being armed and having a gun aimed at her

As the man tried to flee, she ends up pushing him over, together with his bike

The mother-of-two continues to berate the biker even as he prepares to speed away

‘They’re not paying attention to lanes,’ she told the outlet in her first interview following the incident. ‘They’re just doing whatever. So I’m turning in the lane and he just hits the side of the car.’ 

The pair proceeded to share words – leading to the biker to begin to physically attack her car, climbing atop its trunk and taking the time to smash the rear window by jumping multiple times with both feet.

The brazen act – seen by countless other bikers who refused to intervene – prompted Burke to exit the car and confront the man head-on. 

‘He jumped up here with two feet. He stepped his first foot down. Didn’t work, so, then he was like… and, went through,’ she recalled of the now widely seen clip, which was captured by a surveillance camera.

Once confronted, the perp believed to be Heron – whose social media suggests that he also goes by the alias John Carroll – drops a handgun that had been held at his waist, and proceeds to pick it up and point it at Burke.

Undeterred, the defiant mom still pressed forward – leading to them to exchange more words as the bike backs away.

Nikki Bullock, the woman who saw her car attacked by a biker on Sunday, recently spoke out about the incident – revealing her two kids and friend had also been inside the car

Bullock said that she wasn’t scared of the man believed to be Heron after he broke her back windshield

Bullock showing the damage to a reporter from NBC Philadelphia 

The dent in Bullock’s car that began the entire altercation 

As he’s being approached, the suspect even headbutts the woman – all while still wearing his helmet. 

Still unmoved, Bullock stood her ground, and was even filmed pushing the biker off his bike when he attempts to flee the scene.

She told FOX29 Philadelphia she had been out delivering orders for Uber Eats with her friend in the front seat when she was sideswiped.

Neither of the adults were injured – but Bullock said she was really only concerned about the well-being of the kids.

She added to NBC10: ‘I’m just grateful that my kids are okay. There’s not a scratch on them. It was just the simple fact that I had kids in the car. I just wanted to protect them, honestly.’

The attention seen afterwards online drew almost immediate scrutiny from local police.

In a statement after the incident, cops shared stills from the then circulating footage – showing the suspect’s distinctive tattoos and helmet that were later noticed by several online sleuths.

Asking for help from the public, police Thursday were thrilled with the results – thanking the public for a number of unspecified tips that led to the late-night arrest overnight

Asking for help from the public, police Thursday were thrilled with the results – thanking the public for a number of unspecified tips that led to the late-night arrest.

Not much is known about Heron, aside from an array of social media profiles that suggest he is a local motorist who also goes by John Carroll.

Several separate web users in recent days have fingered him as the perp – a declaration stood up by the police insiders Thursday to multiple outlets.

It also remains unclear what he is charged with, with lawmakers in The City of Brotherly Love potentially looking to hit him with an attempted murder charge.

DailyMail.com has reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department for comment. 

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