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The father of girl who vanished from elementary school seven years ago has claimed that her mother – who he was married to for 34 days – is hiding their daughter.

Ava Grace Baldwin, now 14, vanished when she was six years old, and David Hopper believes his ‘perfect little girl’ may not even know she is classed as a missing person.

Hopper, who lived in Oklahoma, got the call from his daughter’s school in September 2015 saying that Ava hadn’t been in class for 21 days, and they asked if he had any idea where the child may be.

At the time Ava was living with her mother, David’s ex wife Kathryn Baldwin, in San Antonio, Texas

Police believe the mother took Ava after finding out that their home address led to an empty plot of land. 

Ava and her mother Kathryn Baldwin, who her father thinks has snatched her

David Hopper (pictured with Ava as a child) believes his ‘perfect little girl’ may not even know she is classified as a missing person

Kathryn’s Ford Escape was found abandoned in a park in April 2016 – seven months after she and the child disappeared. 

Baldwin and Hopper had been married for just over a month, and the father spent $45,000 battling for a custody arrangement in court when their daughter was born. 

Despite CPS catching Kathryn performing a solo sex act while Ava, aged two at the time, was in the bed behind her, David only ended up getting partial custody. 

He would drive hours to pick her up for summer holidays – and enjoyed fond memories with his daughter. 

Tina Fullbright, Ava’s aunt, said about Kathryn: ‘She’d just jump counties. She’d get in trouble in one county and just move to another county.’ According to police, records show Kathryn uses nearly a dozen aliases.

Fullbright said of her brother David: ‘It’s hard to watch my brother go through this. This is his only child. That’s all he’s ever wanted, a family, and he deserves to have his daughter in his life.’ 

Kathryn, who has a felony warrant for interfering with child custody, also has a history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. 

It was when Hopper requested full custody that Kathryn and Ava vanished in 2015. 

Hopper, who is seeking to find his daughter, told NewsNation: ‘When we sent the police out to the location of the last address we had, it turned out to be an empty lot. 

‘And that’s when we figured there’s something going on here.’

He’s since been given full custody of Ava – but police have no idea where she may be. They are investigating the case as a non-custodial parent abduction.

David Hopper is still trying to be reunited with his daughter Ava

Ava Grace Baldwin, now 14, went missing when she was six years old, and David Hopper believes his ‘perfect little girl’ may not even know she is classed as a missing person

He added: ‘There’s reason to believe Ava’s alive. There’s a case down in Florida where we know the couple that she tried to give Ava to, they contacted us, and that was in 2016.’ 

After internet sleuths believed they came across Kathryn and Ava on TikTok, the case has been revived in public interest – as David continues to post letters to his daughter on Facebook in the hopes she’ll see them one day.  

Hopper told NewsNation: ‘You ask me if she’s still alive. 

‘Sometimes, I have my doubts, I’ll be honest with you, but when you ask me I answer with confidence because I believe that God is true to his word.

‘That he said he would watch over her, that he would protect her that he would keep her safe. 

‘And that he would bring her home one day.’

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