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A trendy Aussie café has come under fire over its exorbitant menu prices after charging almost $30 for sliced avocado on toast.

A diner who went to The Glass Den in Coburg, in Melbourne‘s north was left floored by the $27.50 price tag and uploaded a photograph of the menu to Reddit.

‘Cafe prices – is this normal? Blew me away,’ they wrote.

A trendy Aussie café has come under fire over its exorbitant menu prices after charging $27.50 for sliced avocado on toast (stock image)

The Glass Den café in Melbourne has come under fire over its prices, with one diner pointing out that they charge $27.50 for sliced avocado on toast

One respondent who claimed to work in food distribution explained that wholesale prices were ‘up about 25 per cent across the board since Covid’. 

Others took aim at the upmarket Melbourne café – which promotes itself as an ‘experience’, not just a meal – and suggested to the original poster to look elsewhere for coffee and food.

‘I live in the apartment building next to The Glass Den. There are infinitely better cafes within walking distance for much better prices,’ one user claimed.

Another wrote: ‘I’ve gotten up from cafes like this…I’m not paying $27 for eggs and bacon on toast..’

The Glass Den uploads artful photos of its menu items to its social media profiles. 

It’s known to attract big spenders and social media influencers, who take many of the photos, which was pointed out by some respondents in the Reddit thread.

‘It’s more expensive than normal but this place ain’t trying to be normal. Look at the pics of their food on Instagram, and their menu items and ingredients, and you can see why the prices are what they are,’ one person pointed out.

‘This place is unusually over-priced because they know people will pay it… loads of food bloggers and ‘influencers’ go there to take pics of the food,’ said another.

The Glass Den café uploads picturesque photos of its menu items to its social media profiles

Many Reddit users pointed out that the café was a trendy place for big spenders, social media influencers and food bloggers

One self-proclaimed chef defended the café (pictured) and argued that the pricing was ‘ actually pretty fair considering ingredients’

One self-proclaimed chef defended the café and argued that the pricing was ‘actually pretty fair considering ingredients’.

‘Some ingredients used (halal bacon, truffle, pomegranate etc) don’t come cheap,’ they said.

‘Depends on suppliers too and availability, but honestly this is pretty fair pricing.’ 

The high cost of the avocado on toast comes as Australians struggle to keep up with the cost of living crisis with inflation remaining high. 

Data from the The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the consumer price index for August came in at an annual rate of 5.2 per cent, up from 4.9 per cent in July.

The indicator tracks the cost of buying the same basket of goods and services over time.

The headline result was in line with the 5.2 per cent market consensus forecast.

Though the rate rose on last month’s figures, ABS head of price statistics Michelle Marquardt said inflation was still moderating when volatile items such as fuel, fruit and vegetables, and travel were stripped out.

Housing, transport, food and insurance were the biggest drivers of the annual increase.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages lifted 4.4 per cent in the 12 months to August, down from the 5.6 per cent annual increase in July. 

There was a lot of variation across different grocery items though, with fruit and vegetables prices sinking after improved growing conditions but bread, dairy and cereal products picking up. 

Daily Mail Australia contacted The Glass Den for comment.

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