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Partygoers at a music festival were left shocked after an attendee wearing nothing but shoes and a backpack allegedly masturbated in front of the stage. 

Footage of the troubling incident shared to Reddit this week shows the man among a packed crowd believed to be at music festival Listen Out in Centennial Park in Sydney last Saturday as US rapper Ice Spice was about to perform. 

Paying guests can be heard shouting insults at the naked man and telling him to leave, though he appears oblivious. 

Some commenters on the Reddit post who claimed to have been in the same crowd as the man said that when he did not respond, some offended partygoers punched him, which even then failed to get much of a reaction.

‘A bit later people began bashing him and people just kept shuffling away since most just didn’t want to be touched by the guy and get in the way,’ one person said.

‘He got pushed and shoved but kept jerking it, so a few guys punched him in the head,’ another said. 

‘He didn’t even react, it was pretty crazy,’ a third said.

The shocked crowd cleared the area around the man who allegedly masturbated in front of the stage before offended revellers led him away 

NSW Police confirmed a person attending Listen Out was charged with wilful and obscene exposure, though have not clarified it is the same man shown in the video. 

Some others commenting on the video asked if the man was given any help noting that he could have been affected by drugs or alcohol.

‘Not saying it is your, or anyone’s responsibility because he could be dangerous, but the right thing to do here is get this guy to medical or get medical to this guy,’ a person wrote.

The video coincides with two deaths at other Sydney festivals over the weekend and claims by one woman she was subjected to an invasive strip search by police at a festival. 

Brooke Hayden, 27, from Western Sydney claims she was subjected to the hands-on search after being singled out by sniffer dogs.

Police in NSW are supposed to conduct visual-only strip searched and no substances were found on her.

NSW could follow the lead of other states and territories by trialling free pill-testing sites, with Premier Chris Minns declining to rule it out.

The festival was held last Saturday in Sydney and featured Skrillex and Ice Spice among the headliners

Police patrol the Listen Out Festival at Centennial Park in Sydney

Two men died after leaving a dance music festival at Sydney Showground on Saturday, spurring renewed calls for the rollout of an ACT-style drug-testing regime.

Police on Tuesday charged a Melbourne man with supplying the drug that killed one of the men, a 21-year-old who later died in hospital.

The charge was later withdrawn after the force conceded it ‘did not have the requisite authority by the DPP as required’.

While the precise circumstances of the two deaths were still unclear, Mr Minns said it was a ‘terrible situation’ for the families who had lost loved-ones.

The introduction of pill testing for festivals would not be a perfect solution and the use of drugs like MDMA, or ecstasy, in hot conditions where people were liable to become severely dehydrated was a ‘toxic and extremely dangerous mix’, he said.

‘Pill testing is not going to stop that happening and I need to make sure when decisions are made about festival safety – which is our primary concern – it’s done with the full information on the table,’ he said.

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