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Disturbing video has emerged of a neo-Nazi threatening Lidia Thorpe and burning the Aboriginal flag. 

The clip posted this week sees the man, who is dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, claiming to be from neo-Nazi group Warriors for Convict Resistance.

Using a voice modulator, he reads a statement from his phone endorsing ‘white Australia’, makes racist comments about Indigenous people and threatens Senator Thorpe.

He then burns the Aboriginal flag and performs a Nazi salute.

Senator Thorpe will make a statement on the video in Parliament on Thursday.

The Australian Federal Police are investigating a disturbing video of a balaclava-clad neo-Nazi threatening Lidia Thorpe before burning an Aboriginal flag

The Australian Federal Police were made aware of the video on Tuesday when it was posted to social media site X.

It has since been taken down and the account that posted it has been de-activated but the AFP is continuing to investigate the matter.

‘Reports of harassment, nuisance, offensive and threatening communications against parliamentarians/electoral offices have increased in the past two years, including via social media,’ an AFP spokesperson told AAP.

‘Threats of harm or violence against Australian high office holders are criminal offences and will be fully investigated by the AFP.’

Federal government frontbenchers have denounced the vile clip.

Government Services Minister Bill Shorten described it as ‘cowardly and disgusting’ during an appearance on Nine’s Today Show on Thursday. 

‘I don’t know what it is with these man-baby Nazis,’ he said.

‘Wearing a hood so no one can see you. They think they’re so tough.’

He later added: ‘I wish that bloke would take his hood off so people can see what kind of joker he is.’

‘The guy can’t even remember his lines, he has to read it off a phone.’ 

Senator Thorpe (pictured) will make a statement on the vile clip in Parliament on Thursday

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil also chimed in.

‘That video is menacing, disgusting, and it is obviously deliberately targeting her to stop her from expressing her views,’ she said on the program.

‘It is appalling disgusting and the Australian Government will be doing everything we can to support Senator Lidia Thorpe through what must be an absolutely terrifying experience .’ 

A similar video created by the same neo-Nazi group in February 2022 used a racial slur against the Blak Sovereign Movement leader and showed the Aboriginal flag being burned. 

The Albanese government announced a law to ban the public display or sale of Nazi symbols earlier this year.

Victoria passed legislation banning the public display of the Nazi swastika in May of last year.

It makes it a criminal offence for anyone to intentionally display the Nazi symbol in public, and those who do will face penalties of up to nearly $22,000, 12 months in jail, or both. 

People will only be charged if they do not comply with a police directive to remove the symbol. 

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