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A porch pirate pretended to deliver food to suburban houses as a ruse to steal their packages in broad daylight.

Juliana Saggaram, 33, was caught on doorbell security footage pretending to drop off a DoorDash order and then scurrying away with a package she stole from outside the house.

The DoorDasher from East Elmhurst, Queens, repeated her bold plan twice in 48 hours before she was caught red-handed by her third victim. 

The 54-year-old victim busted her scheme when he reported his stolen package on Wednesday in Manhasset, New York.

The suspected thief used her position as a DoorDash delivery-person, a ‘dasher’, to cover-up her alleged crimes. 

A porch pirate was caught on camera stealing packages while pretending to deliver food in broad daylight

Juliana Saggaram, 33, used her status as a DoorDash delivery-person to cover-up for her alleged crimes of stealing packages 

Saggaram was reportedly arrested and charged with two counts of Petit Larceny and issued an appearance ticket

The porch pirate managed to complete her plan two separate times before getting caught by her third victim – a 54-year-old man

Before getting caught on camera Saggaram had stopped by a Chipotle to pick up an order of Mexican fast-food to use as a prop in her plan. 

According to her Linkedin profile, Saggaram is a promoter at Hart Agency – a modelling agency in New York City. 

The hustler said in a post: ‘I love my city!! If you’re in New York we can make business together!! Let’s make money.’

The security video showed Saggaram – who was wearing a bright orange skirt and a black crop top with sunglasses – climbing the steps to the front door of the residential house and crouching down to drop off the bag of food.

She swiftly grabs the package and stands back up – still clutching the bag of food – and then scurries away from the house and onto the street. 

Saggaram was charged with two counts of Petit Larceny and issued an appearance ticket, according to the NY Post.

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