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A harrowing surveillance footage has captured the moment a twin-engine plane crashed at an airport in west-central Brazil, killing the pilot and a terminal worker while two passengers survived.

The aircraft crashed just moments after it had taken off from Bom Futuro Airport in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, on Wednesday afternoon.

The King Air C90 plane could be seen falling sideways and then trying to land on the runway. But it crashed on the tarmac and skidded it away.

It finally came to a full stop near a passenger terminal and burst on fire before it exploded.

Surveillance camera at Bom Futuro Airport in Cuiabá, Brazil, shows the moment a King Air C90 twin-engine plane crashed on Wednesday. The pilot and a worker at an airport terminal were killed. Two passengers. siblings who owned the aircraft and work in the agriculture business, survived the accident

Fernando Kawahata was killed a plane crash shortly after taking off from a private airport in the centra-west Brazilian city of Cuiabá on Wednesday

The small plane’s pilot, Fernando Kawahata, 42, died instantly.

Juan Jaramillo, a 62-year-old Venezuelan national, was killed after a part of the engine struck him near the terminal building.

The two survivors, Adelar Jacobowski, 55, and Valdir Jacobowski, 52, are siblings who work in the agriculture industry and who owned the aircraft, were able to escape on their own, the Civil Police said.

They were rushed to a private hospital and treated for back and abdomen injuries. They were expected to be discharged Thursday.

The Brazilian Air Force’s Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents is investigating the cause of the accident.

Adelar Jacobowski, 55, and Valdir Jacobowski, 52, survived a crash in the twin-engine aircraft they own when the plane went down moments after taking off at a private airport in Cuiabá, Brazil. Their pilot and a worker at the airport were killed

The Brazilian Air Force’s Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents is investigating whether engine failure or negligence is to blame for Wednesday’s plane crash (top right) that killed two people and left two others injured

Aerial view of the King Air C90 twin-engine plane that crashed at Bom Futuro Airport, in Cuiabá, Brazil, on Wednesday

The plane is the same model involved in the November 2021 crash that killed country music singer Marilia Mendoça. The pilot, co-pilot, who was also her uncle, and a producer also died.

Civil Police chief Marcos Lira told G1 news outlet that investigators are looking into whether the accident was caused by engine failure or negligence. They will also check to see if Kawahata had any existing health issues that may have contributed to the crash.

The injured farmers have not been interviewed yet because they are still in the early stages of recovery.

Kawahata is survived by his wife and two sons, ages 12 and 18.

‘He died doing what he loved. It’s difficult, but life goes on,’ his eldest son told the outlet.

Kawahata’s tragic death comes just two weeks after his mother passed away.

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