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Shocking video shows the moment a 76-year-old Florida woman is seen brazenly fleeing a hit-and-run accident with the other driver as a hood ornament on her car.

Cheryl Henderson was driving a silver Ford SUV when she crashed with a black Ford pickup truck on September 30 in Flagler County, Florida, according to police.

The unidentified male pickup driver told officers when he realized Henderson was not going to stop driving after the accident, he pulled his vehicle in front of hers to force her to.

‘When he stepped out of his vehicle and told Cheryl to stop and not leave she continued to drive towards [him], forcing him to jump on the hood of her vehicle so that he would not be ran over,’ said the affidavit.

Stunning surveillance video captured the woman driving southbound on Belle Terre Parkway reaching an estimated speed of 50mph with the man stuck to her car.

Cheryl Henderson, 76, was driving a silver Ford SUV when she crashed with a black Ford pickup truck on September 30 in Flagler County, Florida

‘With [him] on the hood of Cheryl’s vehicle, she drove off, leaving the scene of the crash and [him] holding on, unable to get off the hood without causing himself injury.’ 

The affidavit said a good Samaritan followed Henderson’s car for two miles before he was able to force her stop and pull off the road.

He told ClickOrlando he realized she needed to be stopped and maneuvered his car so he could get in front of her and slow her down.

‘I kind of just angled my vehicle far enough in front of her to where that guy wasn’t in danger but kind of impeded her from going forward and just drifted her off into the soils,’ he said.

Henderson told police she knew she had been involved in an accident but did not stop because she was out of gas.

She claimed she was trying to move around him so she could make it to a gas station when he jumped on her car.

Police asked why she did not pull over when so he could get off, and Henderson said she was trying to but couldn’t. 

The pickup truck driver tried to get her to stop driving after their initial accident, but Henderson fled the scene with the driver on the hood of her car

She reached an estimated speed of 50mph while the man was on her car. She eventually pulled over when a good Samaritan stopped her

Henderson was arrested for leaving the scene of crash and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon

Upon completion of their investigation, Henderson was charged for leaving the scene of a crash and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. 

On body camera footage of her arrest, Henderson is heard saying, ‘he jumped on my car.

‘This could have become a deadly incident. Never hit another person with a car. Thankfully, that victim survived without any serious injuries but I’m sure it had to be a scary moment for the victim holding on to the hood and the other witnesses,’ said Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly.

‘She should never be allowed to touch a steering wheel again.’

Henderson posted a $20,000 bond, but was arrested again days later for an unrelated battery on a person 65 years of age or older charge.  

Her arraignment for the hit-and-run is scheduled for November 6. 

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