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A Brisbane man who set out to become the youngest person to ever row across the Pacific Ocean was rescued by a cruise ship after his boat flipped.

Tom Mahuta Robinson, 24, was discovered by P&O Cruises Australia’s Pacific Explorer ship south of Vanuatu on Friday morning.

The cruise was on a nine-day round trip from Auckland, New Zealand, to the Pacific Islands.

It received a call for assistance from the New Caledonia Marine Rescue Coordination Centre overnight and immediately changed course to rescue Mr Robinson.

He had just set off from Vanuatu for the last leg of his record-breaking trip across the Pacific.

Brisbane man Tom Robinson, 24, was rescued by a P&O cruise ship south of Vanuatu on Friday morning (pictured, Mr Robinson on top of his boat)

Mr Robinson (pictured on board the cruise) was attempting to become the youngest person to row across the Pacific Ocean

However, the year-long journey was brought to a sad end when the 24-foot boat he built himself flipped.

P&O discovered Mr Robinson sunburnt and dehydrated, but otherwise okay, and gave him medical care, fresh clothes and a hot meal.

‘I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all the crew on P&O Pacific Explorer whose seamanship and professionalism ensured a safe rescue,’ Mr Robinson said.

‘Once aboard, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness by the medical staff.

‘Many, many thanks to P&O for everything they have done for me.’

Last week the passionate boater told the ABC the last stretch of his journey from Luganville, Vanuatu’s second largest city, to the Queensland coast would be the ‘make-or-break leg’.

He began his expedition from Peru, South America, more than a year ago.

Mr Robinson (pictured on his boat in Samoa) was found sunburnt and dehydrated, but otherwise okay

Mr Robinson (above) set out on the trip to row across the Pacific Ocean from Peru, South America, more than a year ago

The 24-year-old’s the trip was more than a decade-in-the-making after he dreamed it up as a teenager.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing with Mr Robinson forced to pause at one point for medical treatment.

‘I did have a staph infection and I got these awful sores all over my legs,’ Mr Robinson said.

Other obstacles have been storms blowing him off course and shark encounters. 

‘Most of the time they’re friendly … but they have bitten the oars while I’ve been rowing,’ he said.

Mr Robinson spent the first 160 days of his trip at sea before making landfall on Penrhyn Island in the Cook Islands. 

It was there locals gave him the nickname Mahuta-hoehoe-asanga – ‘the warrior that has paddled from afar’.

While Mr Robinson had a satellite phone for safety, he didn’t use it for the first 75 days. 

Mr Robinson (pictured with P&O staff) thanked the cruise line for rescuing him after his boat flipped

Mr Robinson built the 24-foot boat he used to cross the Pacific Ocean (pictured, Mr Robinson’s boat from the P&O ship)

‘A lot of people listen to songs and podcasts all day but I decided that I wanted the experience as simple and pure as possible,’ he said.

The effort to rescue Mr Robinson was organised by New Caledonia’s Marine Rescue Coordination Centre with the help of French navy aircraft.

It is the second time P&O have rendered assistance to a vessel in distress in the South Pacific this fortnight. 

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