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Friends of slain Brooklyn social justice activist Ryan Carson have raised over $68,000 for themselves to help the group to ‘take time off of work to properly mourn.’

Describing themselves as ‘working class people’, a ‘collective’ of Ryan’s close friends launched the fundraiser in response to the activist’s killing at 3:50am on Monday

Because they are still ‘reeling from a brutal loss’, the GoFundMe asks for donations to ‘ease the burden and stress of this horrifying situation so that we can have space and time to grieve, and remember Ryan.’

‘Immediate needs are to offset the costs of working class people taking time off of work to properly mourn,’ the page adds. 

The effort comes as Carson’s alleged killer Brian Dowling, 18, was perp walked outside an NYPD precinct on Thursday after being charged with the murder. 

Ryan Carson, 32, was stabbed in the heart in a horror attack in Brooklyn in the early hours of Monday morning 

The teenager accused of Carson’s killing, Brian Dowling, 18, was teary-eyed as he was marched out of an NYPD precinct on Thursday morning following his murder charge

According to the fundraiser, the page was set up by Carson’s girlfriend Claudia Morales, who was with Carson when he was stabbed in the heart, and a friend named Tammie Marie David.

Following their request for paid time off, group of friends added a touching tribute noting Carson’s dedication to left-wing social causes, which included environmentalism and setting up supervised drug injection sites across New York City. 

‘If you Google ‘Ryan Carson’, you’ll hear (and now see) about the tragedy that struck on early Monday morning,’ the fundraiser read. 

‘But if you look past the breaking news, you’ll see news on his legislative victories, you’ll probably find his social media accounts filled with thoughts and memories, and you’ll find collections of his artistic works to date. 

‘We hope you may find his thoughts on mutual aid, his works of advocacy, and understand that his radical principles of community care, justice, and dismantling an individualized profit-centered way of life are worth carrying forward in our own communities.

‘It is this time of remembrance and healing that will allow for reflection’. 

Some have reacted with fury online at the fundraising effort, seemingly baffled by the request to help them ‘take time off work’ as they are ‘working class people.’ 

‘What a weird way to ask for money for bereavement,’ said one person on X, formerly Twitter. 

‘Not even money for the funeral,’ said another, with one adding that the petitioning makes it seem that the friends are ‘not upset at all.’  

Carson worked for the New York Public Interest Research Group, a nonprofit where his work focused on environmental causes. 

His girlfriend Morales, according to now locked-down social media profiles, was also an avid BLM activist who, among other remarks, used the cop-hating acronym ACAB in some posts.

On Wednesday, the activist’s friends again raised eyebrows after claiming that he would have felt sorry for the teenager who allegedly stabbed him to death, and would want his killing to be used to further left-wing policies. 

‘I know he would have wanted people to use his death as a means to talk about structural wrongs in the city,’ New York State Assembly member Emily Gallagher told The Gothamist

‘I’m absolutely positive that he would immediately see that this was a person who was suffering from a lack of resources in our community, who probably needs better mental health support, possibly housing, possibly drug support, drug treatment.

‘What he would want to avenge his death is for us to fix how broken this city is.’ 

Carson was returning home from a wedding when the horror struck – and his girlfriend Claudia posted an image of them smiling together just hours before the tragedy. They are wearing the same outfits seen in the security footage

Dowling was taken to Central Booking this afternoon following his arrest in Bedford Stuysevant earlier in the day

Dowling, 18, cried as he was removed from the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn today 

The remarks came before the 18-year-old accused of Carson’s killing was publicly perp walked outside an NYPD precinct on Thursday after he was charged with the murder.

Dowling, 18, was arrested at an apartment in Bedford Stuyvesant on Thursday morning for the brutal attack, which was caught on camera. 

The same day, police removed a sweatshirt matching the kind worn by the suspect in the video from Dowling’s home, along with a knife that is believed to have been used in the attack.

While some have described Dowling as ‘emotionally disturbed‘, neighbors also told DailyMail.com he was the ‘sweetest boy’ who came from a ‘good’ and ‘respectful’ family. 

The teen, believed to work at a school in Clinton Hill, was previously reported to the police two months ago by his aunt after he broke his girlfriend’s belongings in a fight. 

Shocking footage of the attack, for which a motive has not yet been established, saw a man believed to be Dowling at first walking past Carson and Morales, before turning back.

Carson was returning home from a wedding when the horror stabbing struck – and his girlfriend Claudia posted an image of them smiling together just hours before the tragedy. 

After a brief back-and-forth, Carson was seen pushing his attacker in the chest several times, prompting the assailant to swing the knife at Carson. 

At one point, the suspect asks ‘What the f*** are you looking at?’ before violently stabbing Carson in the chest. 

The surveillance video ends with Carson laid out on the floor as his girlfriend yelled ‘Brian!’ as the attacker fled the scene.

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