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Relatives of a Brooklyn teenager who fatally stabbed a man waiting for a bus in the early hours of Monday have said they cannot understand what made the 18-year-old pick up a knife, with a family friend calling the murder ‘a horrible tragedy’.

Brian Dowling, 18, was arrested on Thursday at his family’s home in the Bedford Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn.

He has been charged with the murder of 32-year-old Ryan Thoresen Carson, a community activist, who was waiting for a bus in the neighborhood with his girlfriend after a wedding when he was killed.

The murder, at 3:45am, was captured on surveillance camera footage and shows Dowling confronting Carson, then pursuing him and stabbing him in the chest.

Brian Dowling Sr told DailyMail.com he could not explain his son’s actions.

Teenage suspect Brian Dowling, 18, (left) is marched out of the 81st Precinct in Bedford Stuyvesant on Thursday in tears following his arrest for the murder of Ryan Thoresen Carson (right)

Brian Dowling Sr, speaking outside the family brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, said he had no answers for his son’s actions

Detectives outside the suspect’s home in Brooklyn on Thursday morning. DailyMail.com was there while they executed the search warrant

‘Let’s be honest here. What can I really tell you. I can’t tell you,’ he said, speaking outside the brownstone the family live in, which he inherited from his father.

With the historically black neighborhood rapidly gentrifying, the property is now worth over $1.25 million – although it is unclear if the Dowlings own it, or rent.

Eric Riddick, a close friend of Dowling’s father Brian Sr, said that the Dowlings were ‘a good family’, adding he had been friends with them for over 35 years.

Brian Sr was best man at Riddick’s wedding.

‘It’s a horrible tragedy because the son comes from a good family,’ Riddick told DailyMail.com.

‘I can’t think of anything I can say why he went that route, or what triggered him to go that way.

‘The kid is only 18 years old. And I really feel for the victim’s family.’

Riddick said that he wanted the court to order a psychiatric evaluation.

‘I want them to check his mental state,’ said Riddick.

‘This was not the norm. He’s a teenager.’

Eric Riddick said the Dowlings were ‘a good family’, and urged a mental evaluation for Brian Dowling 

Brian Dowling, 18, was on Thursday charged with the murder of Brooklyn community activist Ryan Thorsen Carson 

The teenager was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and sliders

Ryan Thoresen Carson, 32, was killed on Monday morning at 4am while he waited for a bus

The teenager was a twin, and his sister Breanna was with him when he attacked Carson.

Friends of Breanna Dowling, arriving at the family home on Thursday, told DailyMail.com that they were ‘shocked’, and said Dowling had mental issues.

Riddick said Dowling was his friend’s only son, adding: ‘I was with him when his kids were born – Brian and Breanna.

‘I can’t imagine – and it happened down the block, and was so close to home.’

Riddick said it was ‘a bad situation’, but insisted Dowling was not a trouble maker.

‘He wasn’t the type of kid that followed,’ said Riddick.

‘He stayed to himself and was quiet. He never had any altercations.’

Riddick said Dowling Sr was a musician with a group called Divine Sounds before his children were born, explaining: ‘We come from musical history.

‘We made records. We DJ and make songs. The father is part of the group.

‘These records were made before the son was born.’

Carson, the victim, was an advocate of social justice. He spearheaded liberal causes like creating supervised drug injection sites across the city and was a passionate environmentalist.

His girlfriend, according to now locked-down social media profiles, was an avid BLM activist who was strongly critical of police, using the slur ‘ACAB’ in posts.

Their friends say he would consider his killer the ‘victim of a broken system’ and would want his death to be used to continue advocating for social justice causes.

On Wednesday, friends set up a GoFundMe account for Carson’s girlfriend. They have so far raised $60,000.

It remains unclear what prompted Dowling to attack. 

He was seen in the video at first walking past Carson, before turning back.

Carson was filmed pushing him the chest several times before the first strike of the knife.

At the end of the video, an unidentified woman yelled ‘Brian!’ as he fled the scene.

One neighbor outside the home said they believed Dowling was influenced by drugs, while some questioned why Carson engaged in conversation with Dowling.

‘I watched the video this morning it makes me sick to my stomach. I have been on that corner but definitely not at 3:45 am in the morning. I know better than that,’ said Sarah Walker, 31.

‘I feel sad and bad, but definitely would not have intervened in any kind of situation like that just knowing what happens in the neighborhood.

‘People tell you – who are born and raised in the area – just don’t make eye contact with people especially at 3:45 am in the morning.

‘I would have walked across the street.’

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