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Crisp aficionados are bereft after learning one of their favourite flavours will not be returning to supermarket shelves any time soon after it was discontinued.  

Confirming the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, this week, the crisp giant revealed: ‘We’re sorry but [the] Worcester Sauce flavour is no longer part of our range’.

The confirmation comes several years after the crisp manufacturer, fronted by Gary Lineker, discontinued the flavour – but fans were upset to learn it will not be returning any time soon. 

An observant shopper who had been searching for a multipack of the flavour while doing an online shop with Tesco for the last eight months said they now understood ‘why they were always out of stock’.

One fan remarked: ‘What the hell @walkers_crisps, Worcester Sauce was the best flavour you did! You need to bring them back ASAP!’

Confirming the news on Twitter this week, the crisp giant formally announced: ‘We’re sorry but [the] Worcester Sauce flavour is no longer part of our range’

Another fan admitted they were so devastated by the decision, they needed some time alone. 

‘I just found out Worcester Sauce crisps got discontinued. Don’t talk to me I’m so upset,’ they said.

Another called for the flavour’s return: ‘Bring back Worcester Sauce crisps, they were the heaviest ever.’

And one irate fan told X: ‘The world is so f*****g horrible right now, excuse me while I lend my ire to the only issue I can afford to focus my energy on right now. 

‘Why oh why did @walkers_crisps discontinue the God-level flavour, Worcester Sauce? I am bereft. Still’.

One mother revealed her son is ‘still mourning the loss of Worcester Sauce crisps’ and resorted to buying a ‘large bag’ of M&S’s version of the same flavour,  but he was still not satisfied.

Lots of crisp fans said they couldn’t understand why an ‘underrated, top-tier’ flavour had been discontinued. 

Another said: ‘I love Worcester Sauce crisps – they are the best’.

However, some didn’t agree and suggested the Worcester Sauce flavour of Walkers Crisps has had its day, writing that it ‘should still be discontinued’.

This comes after a new ‘Crisp Index’ found Skips are Britain’s best value crisps.

Researchers crunched through more than 2,000 crisps to create a table showing the best bargain snacks.

They counted the number of crisps in a packet and then divided them by the price per bag to work out how much consumers are paying per crisp.

And KP Snacks’ Skips were the best by far with an average of 97 crisps per bag and a cost of 1.03p per crisp.

Proper Chips Lentil Barbecue were uncovered as the priciest pack, coming in at 7.6p per crisp.

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