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Hollywood superstar Jason Momoa has sparked division after sharing an Instagram post supporting the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

The American actor – best known for his roles in Game of Thrones and as Aquaman – shared a video ad produced by Indigenous rapper, Adam Briggs, promoting the effort to enshrine the Aboriginal advisory body into the constitution. 

In the clip, Briggs advises two young women at the pub, played by comedians Jenna Owen and Vic Zerbst, to research the Voice, leading them to agree they will ‘just vote Yes to that’ because the detail is ‘quite clear’.

New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi had already shared the video, before Momoa re-shared it onto his own account. 

‘#yes23 is a referendum taking place in Australia on October 14. The aim is to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people a voice in parliament so they can weigh in on issues that affect their lives,’ the original post’s caption reads.

‘Simple as that. How do I know this? I googled it. But many Australians are confused or freaked out about what it means.

‘Don’t be! It’s a good thing! Just do good things! Also Google it ya lazy mongrels.’ 

Hollywood superstar Jason Momoa (pictured with ex-wife Lisa Bonet) has sparked division after sharing an Instagram post supporting the Indigenous Voice to Parliament 

But the actor’s stance has sparked a fierce back-and-forth between his fans, with some unhappy about his weighing into Australian politics. 

‘Which country (that you aren’t from, know, or a part of) are you going to virtue signal for next?’ one critic fumed.

‘Stay out of Australian politics mate. Do your thing in America and that but putting your 5 cents in terms of the Yes or No vote is not (for) you,’ one commented.

‘Stay in movies and out of Australian politics. What have you ever done for our country?’ said another.

Others thanked Momoa – who has native Hawaiian heritage which he represents on the world stage – for showing solidarity with Yes voters. 

‘The lead up to the referendum has been really rough on our communities and it’s actually really nice to get some encouragement from our Indigenous brothers from across the seas,’ one wrote.

Added another: ‘It’s Yes from me. It won’t affect me negatively and will empower the First Nations with pride’. 

Australians have begun early voting ahead of referendum day on October 14. 

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