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Iron Chef winner Adam Fleischman has been accused of squatting at an elderly woman’s Hollywood home.

The restauranteur was reportedly removed from the residence on October 2 after the vulnerable woman called on a handyman with experience dealing with squatters.

Flash Shelton, who previously removed a squatter from his mother’s property, confronted Fleischman about claims he had been living at the home rent-free since May.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Shelton can be seen approaching Fleischman outside his home. 

Fleischman, 54, initially claims that he has been given a lease by the woman, known only as Claudia.

Shelton walks up says: ‘I understand you’ve been squatting at this residence.’

Umami Burger founder Adam Fleischman was confronted at the Hollywood home he as accused of squatting in by Flash Shelton

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Fleischman shakes his head and says, ‘No no, I have a lease’ but agrees to keep talking.

The two head onto the property’s porch where an outstretched Fleischman then admits he does not have a lease.

He tells Shelton: ‘She didn’t want to give me a lease. But there’s tenants rights that state that you still have the same protections.’

He goes on to admit that he has not put down a deposit because he wasn’t asked for one.

Shelton told Fox News Digital: ‘I asked him if he felt that he owed her any money and if he realizes that he has basically broken this woman. He just says that it’s not his fault.’ 

Claudia, who has rented to home for 29 years, recruited the Umami Burger founder as a roommate through Craigslist.

The 62-year-old claims the agreement was that Fleischman would throw dinner events at the property to cover his rent.

But she alleges that she has never received any payment from the dinner parties. 

She also accused Fleischman of fraudulently using her credit card to pay for the supplies.

Fleischman was confronted by Flash Shelton, a handyman who managed to turn the tables on a squatter who took over his mother’s home

Claudia, 62, claims Fleischman has been squatting at her home since May. She only provided her first name amid fears the stress could exacerbate a brain injury she sustained in a car crash

Claudia, who is facing bankruptcy while mourning the recent loss of her husband and, told the outlet ‘the system is broken’.

She added: ‘We kept telling him for months to leave, but he refuses, and the police say it’s illegal to make him leave or to lock him out. He has paid no deposit, no rent, has no lease or any keys.’

She said the stress of the situation has aggravated a brain injury she sustained during a car accident. 

In an attempt to get Fleischman to leave Shelton, set up camera around Claudia’s home under the guise of filming a reality TV show.

He captured video of the former TV chef telling two men, ‘after she dies, I’ll give you guys first shot at the rooms’. 

Claudia was advised that the issue is a civil matter when police visited her Hollywood home at Shelton’s request

Shelton also uploaded video showing LA police attending the home. In the clip they can be seen advising Claudia that the city’s tenancy laws make it difficult for her to evict. 

Fleischman denied that he is squatting and branded the accusations ‘made-up stuff from a crazy person.’ 

He admitted not paying rent, but stated he has contributed to utilities and ‘house expenses’ and said he was never given keys or a lease.

He has not been charged with any criminal matter, Fox News Digital reports. 

DailyMail.com is working to retrieve more information about the property, its owner and the renter at this time. 

Attempts to contact Adam Fleischman have also been made but he did not immediately respond.

Flash Shelton has also been contacted for comment. 

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