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A man and three children are thought to have died in a horror light plane crash near Canberra on Friday.

The five-seater Cirrus SR22 crashed and caught alight near Lake George in the NSW Tablelands sometime before 3pm on Friday, NSW Police said in a statement.

Police Superintendent Cath Bradbury said there were no survivors following the crash.

‘When police arrived with RFS services there was a small grass fire and obviously a catastrophic crash of a small light aircraft,’ she said.

‘The RFS extinguished the plane – unfortunately there are no survivors. 

It is unclear how many were on board, but there were no survivors

‘We’re still establishing who was in the plane and how many (people), we do not know those details at this stage.’

Firefighting crews worked quickly to extinguish the blaze and police have established a crime scene as investigations continue.

Officers from Monaro Police District are conducting inquiries into the incident, including confirming how many people were on board at the time.

The plane took off from Canberra at 2.30pm, according to 9News.

Six minutes later, the plane made a sharp plunge near Lake George with air traffic control unable to establish communications with the pilot.

A light plane has crashed (pictured) in Canberra’s north-east on Friday afternoon before the aircraft burst into flames

Emergency crews (pictured) arrived at the scene following the crash as firefighters from the Rural Fire Service quickly worked to douse the flames

A NSW police spokesperson said officers are investigating the incident.

Emergency services arrived at a property on Hadlow Drive, Gundaroo, 35km north of Queanbeyan, just before 3pm after a local resident reported seeing flames in the crash area.

Smoke was seen filling the air shortly afterwards as fire crews, ambulances and police vehicles rushed to the scene.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) have also been notified and will attend the scene.

The Cirrus SR-22 is a single-engine aircraft and is one of the most popular General Aviation aircraft in the world, regularly topping global best-seller lists.

There were ‘minimal witnesses’ to the crash according to Superintendent Bradbury, who confirmed police would be working through the night to get to the bottom of what caused the horrific incident.

‘Officers from Monaro Police District are conducting inquiries into the incident, including confirming how many people were on board at the time,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) have been notified and will attend the scene’. 

‘No further information is available at this time.’ 

Anyone with information has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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