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More than half of Red Wall voters back Rishi Sunak’s plan to delay a ban on new petrol and diesel cars to 2035 – and only a quarter support Labour’s pledge to reintroduce the 2030 deadline.

The Prime Minister axed the Net Zero measure last month in order to relieve pressure on ordinary motorists.

But Labour frontbenchers have said the party would recommit to the original date as part of moves to switch to electric cars.

This has gone down poorly in crucial Red Wall constituencies, with just 27 per cent backing the Opposition party’s decision, compared to 53 per cent who support the Prime Minister, a new poll reveals.

Only a fifth of respondents opposed the new 2035 deadline, although 22 per cent called for the ban the sale of on new petrol and diesel cars to be scrapped altogether.

Labour frontbenchers have said that the party would commit to reintroducing the 2030 deadline for banning new petrol and diesel cars, despite support for the Prime Minister’s delay in Red Wall areas

The survey, commissioned by the Association of British Drivers (ABD), prompted critics of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to suggest he was oblivious to the needs of ordinary drivers.

It comes just days after Mr Sunak launched his ‘plan for drivers’ which seeks to ‘slam the brakes on the war on motorists’.

Tory MP Greg Smith, who sits on the Commons transport committee, said: ‘Labour are never on the side of motorists and this polling shows that.

‘Where Labour are in control, they always bake in the most anti-motorist taxes and measures.

‘It is no wonder they now want to restrict choice too, forcing people into unaffordable technology.’

The same poll showed that 51 per cent of Red Wall voters feel there is still a ‘war on motorists’ going on, with just 17 per cent disagreeing.

Over 51 per cent of Red Wall voters also said they thought there was a ‘war on motorists’, with just 17 per cent disagreeing

Bob Bull, chairman of the ABD, added: ‘This poll is further dramatic proof that the British public is fed up with being hassled, harassed and heavily taxed every time they get behind the wheel of a car.

‘Rishi Sunak has started to see the light with his decision to delay the ban on conventionally powered cars but he still has a long way to go.

‘As for Sir Keir Starmer, he should wake up and listen to the voters. Only one in four people back his 2030 deadline.

‘The truth is, we don’t need this meddling by ministers. They should let the market decide when and if electric cars become the norm.

‘Motorists should be free to stick with petrol and diesel cars if they wish and free to switch to an electric vehicle when the technology, especially range and the availability of charging points, persuades them that it is time for a change.’

The results are likely to cause concern in Labour circles. Last week the party’s poll lead over the Tories in crucial Red Wall seats shrunk to its narrowest margin in more than a year to just 14 points.

Sir Keir’s party needs to convincingly win the set of constituencies – defined as traditional Labour strongholds in the Midlands and North of England, many of which were won by the Tories under Boris Johnson in 2019 – in order to have a chance of getting a majority at next year’s election.

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