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A loner charged over an alleged plot to kidnap and kill Holly Willoughby once weighed 35st and didn’t leave the house for years after quitting his job at Pizza Hut for health reasons, MailOnline can exclusively reveal today. 

Gavin Plumb, 36, will appear in the dock at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Friday accused of soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap.  

Today police officers are guarding Holly’s London mansion where she lives with her TV executive husband Dan Baldwin and their three children.

Plumb, who was arrested on Wednesday and charged this morning, was the star of a BBC feature on weightloss in 2018, writing a diary for the corporation after he hit 35st after gorging on junk food and downing an average of 36 pints of cola per week. 

He worked as a kitchen assistant at Pizza Hut for a year until 2012, according to his LinkedIn, but said he was unable to work because he couldn’t get out of his flat, not leaving his home for at least four years from 2014. 

Plumb, who said he only ever left his flat to go to the communal bins, is getting out more these days and has started driving lessons recently, neighbours who know him told MailOnline. 

Pictured: Gavin Plumb, 36, will appear in the dock at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Friday accused of soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap.

He was arrested at these flats in Harlow. He was charged today

The home of Gavin Plumb today

Holly Willoughby was pulled from presenting This Morning after it was claimed Essex Police found ‘sinister messages’ threatening ‘serious harm’ to the mother-of-three (pictured at the National Television Awards at The O2, in London, in September)

Plumb told the BBC: ‘The last time I went out unaided was 2014 – it was my parents’ wedding vow renewal. 

‘My weight has always fluctuated. At my heaviest, I was 35 and a half stone. When the weight started to pile on, that was when my mental health really went down.

‘It’s a vicious circle. When I’m depressed, I eat – and when I eat, I’m depressed. For a long time, I found it difficult walking around. But getting to the point of not being able to go out, that really crept up on me.

‘I hate sitting indoors. I hate looking at the same four walls 24/7. I hate being the size I am.

‘I’m pretty much in pain everywhere. I get chest pains and I’ve just been told it’s because of my weight. I’m scared that if I have something to eat or if I get up and I do too much, that’s it, I’m done.

He added he had a gastric band fitted and had to go on a liquid diet. But neighbours said today that he is still severely overweight.

‘I’m going to be on the post-op diet for the rest of my life. But as long as I can maintain that healthy diet, I can maintain my body weight’.  

Plumb, 36, will appear in the dock at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Friday. 

Essex Police superintendent Tim Tubbs said ‘This was an extremely fast paced investigation, with many of our officers and national partners working overnight to secure these charges.

‘The safeguarding of any victim is paramount and we will continue to prioritise this and working with the Metropolitan police service as the investigation proceeds.’ 

Scotland Yard are said to be watching the mother-of-three’s home in London as friends and fellow stars rallied around her.

Willoughby is said to be under 24/7 police guard at her London home where she lives with her husband Dan Baldwin (pictured together) and their three children

Couple: Holly kissed her husband Dan Baldwin on the cheek as she wishes him a happy birthday in loved-up post on Wednesday. It was also the day the suspect was arrested

Holly, 42, was left ‘distraught’ and pulled out of This Morning this week after learning of a plot to kidnap her, it has been claimed.

LBC breakfast show host Nick Ferrari was due to appear on the show with her on Thursday, and said today: ‘Best wishes to her an her family’, adding the alleged plot is ‘an ugly one’ if found to be true.

The suspect is not known to the star, according to The Sun, who initially revealed he has been charged.

Marked police cars and forensics surrounded the man’s flat in Harlow, Essex, where he lives alone and combed the scene for evidence with a neighbour witnessing the man being led away in handcuffs. 

It is understood Essex Police is treating the alleged kidnapping as a credible conspiracy with it claimed there were threats of ‘serious harm’ to Willoughby. 

A source said: ‘There were apparently some sinister and threatening messages found on electronic devices threatening to seriously harm her.’ 

Officers have said to have seized a mobile phone and electronic devices from the flat.

Willoughby was said to be ‘distraught’ and she was pulled from presenting This Morning today just moments before she was due on air after bosses were alerted by police. 

An Essex Police spokesman said last night: ‘A 36-year-old man from Harlow has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap as part of an ongoing investigation.

‘The arrest was made on Wednesday 4 October.

‘He is currently in custody.’

Fans were baffled when she went missing from the morning show – and was replaced by a big name co-star instead.

Host Josie Gibson, 38, was joined by the much-loved Alison Hammond, 48.

Alison – who has recently made her debut as presenter of Bake Off – joked she was getting jealous of seeing Josie and Willoughby together on the show.

Viewers were left in confusion, because the reasons of her absence were unknown. 

Beaming Josie kicked off the morning show as she said: ‘Look who’s joined me. It’s only the one and only Alison Hammond!’

‘Oh, Josie! I hope you don’t mind, I got a bit jealous. I saw you and Holly and you were talking about being blonde and I thought ‘I’m going to shake this up a bit. I’m getting in there’,’ replied Alison.

‘Is that ok? You don’t mind?’

But Josie quipped: ‘No, of course not, I love you!’, while Alison replied: ‘I love you too.’

Willoughby kissed her husband Dan Baldwin on the cheek as she wished him a happy birthday in loved-up Instagram post on Wednesday.

The presenter – who rarely gives a glimpse into her marriage – celebrated the TV producer’s day by sharing a sweet photograph of them.

Willoughby, 42, was said to be ‘distraught’ after police uncovered an alleged plot to kidnap her 

Willoughby was all smiles alongside co-presenter Josie Gibson on Wednesday during the show’s ‘Spin to Win’ segment

Beaming Josie kicked off the morning show on Thursday as she said: ‘Look who’s joined me. It’s only the one and only Alison Hammond!’

In the post, Willoughby and Dan were seen embracing each other at a festival in Italy, with a music stage in the background.

She captioned the post: ‘Happy birthday to my Love.’

The couple tied the knot at Amberley Castle in Sussex on August 4, 2007, and they have since welcomed three children together.

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