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They’re selfies, but not as you know them. 

Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik have a unique portfolio of photographs taken in stunning locations around the world from New York to Australia via London and Paris, with each shot featuring one half of the couple snapping the other half.

The pair have collated the mesmerising images into a series they call Lens Between Us, explaining: ‘Wherever we are, we face each other, frame up a great composition, and take a picture of each other. The resulting diptychs are creative, well-composed, and whimsical in the best way. The images are part travel photography, part portraiture, and challenging to boot since each shot requires that we figure out not one, but two compositions.’

Rather than posing for the perfect shot, the Slovakian couple, who live in Sydney, said they snap one another in the moment as ‘a tribute to how our focus is always on each other’. But the main benefit is they get to look back at two sides of each destination they visit.

Zuzu tells MailOnline Travel: ‘The idea came when we went on our first holiday together as a couple to Portugal. We were both passionate photographers, always taking pictures and somehow we ended up taking photos of each other at the same time.’

Since then, the couple has amassed dozens of photographs including Zuzu’s favourite in Ningaloo Reef, and Peter’s favourite in Lancelin Dune Sands, both taken during a campervan trip through Western Australia. We discovered the pair’s amazing work in 2017 – scroll down to see the latest spellbinding images in their collection…

TOP OF THE ROCK, NEW YORK, U.S: This pair of photographs show both sides of New York’s Top of The Rock observation deck. Zuzu (left) is pictured with the city skyline behind her while Peter (right) is pictured in front of the grey, concrete building

ULURU, AUSTRALIA: ‘You’d say it’s just a rock in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a magical place with beautiful skies in the night,’ Zuzu and Peter said after their visit to Uluru

BATU CAVES, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: The couple said it was ‘worth waking up early to avoid the crowds’ when visiting the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ‘We had a blast,’ they added. When asked how ‘Lens Between Us’ began, they said: ‘Both of us had cameras and we ended up facing each other with them. At first, we were just playing around but soon we found we had a few photos, and we started putting it together.’ People started to recognise the couple’s diary when they moved to Sydney in 2014, they said, adding: ‘We already had a few photos of our trips together to a few countries on Instagram and Tumblr at that time. So we started with one article, spread it out through the web, and it went viral’

LANCELIN SAND DUNES, AUSTRALIA: This pair of photographs shows Zuzu and Peter sandboarding in the Lancelin Sand Dunes of Australia, a favourite of Peter’s. The couple work together on Lens Between Us projects and built their own creative studio after meeting for the first time while working for an advertising agency

BAYON TEMPLE, SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA: ‘We were lucky to get there through our work as we were documenting an event,’ said the couple of Bayon Temple. ‘The place was lit at night with a special dance show, an experience to remember’ 

NINGALOO REEF, AUSTRALIA: The couple took their cameras into the ocean and captured one another swimming with sharks for these majestic shots of Ningaloo Reef. Among the dozens of photo sets they have amassed on their travels, these pictures are Zuzu’s favourite, she said

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: Zuzu and Peter recall ‘great memories’ from their visit to Amsterdam, where the couple pictured one another from either side of one of the city’s iconic canals. ‘We came home for Christmas to surprise our families, so we flew via Amsterdam and explored the city for a short while,’ they said

TEGALALANG RICE TERRACE, BALI, INDONESIA: ‘Bali is changing rapidly every year, and we believe in respect for the local people,’ the couple said when asked about their trip to Bali

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Those who have not visited London might not realise that two of its most iconic sights stand opposite one another on the banks of the River Thames. However, this pair of photos by Lens Between Us shows exactly that. Commenting on the photos, Zuzu said: ‘The London Eye and Big Ben in one photo. The dream came true’ 

FIRA, SANTORINI, GREECE: Zuzu, an illustrator, and Peter, a videographer, managed to capture both the iconic whitewashed buildings of Santorini as well as the deep blue waters that surround the island in this pairing, taken in Fira. ‘This photo was taken at sunset and the sunset in Fira was like fire,’ the couple said

MONKEY FOREST, BALI, INDONESIA: ‘This was a challenge, but we had a great time in the monkey forest,’ Zuzu said of the couple’s time in Ubud’s Monkey Forest in Bali. Peter is pictured with a monkey scrambling down his shoulder while Zuzu has one on her head in this pair of photos

GREAT WALL OF CHINA: It can be difficult for photographers to capture the scale of the Great Wall of China, which stretches 13,171 miles, according to Britannica. Here, the Lens Between Us creators gave it their best shot by photographing one another at opposite ends of a quiet section of the wall. ‘We were there in the off-season, which was a great decision,’ they said

BALI, INDONESIA: Here, Zuzu balances on a swing in Bali while photographing, and being photographed by Peter. The couple described the area as a ‘great find, right next to a waterfall’ 

BROOKLYN BRIDGE, NEW YORK, U.S: The Lens Between Us couple pictured one another on a trip to New York in the lead up to Christmas. Both sides of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge can be seen in this photo pairing

MONTMARTRE, PARIS, FRANCE: This photo set was taken on a sunny day and shows the Sacre-Coeur Basilica behind Zuzu (left) and a bird’s-eye view of the city behind Peter (right). The couple fondly remembered it as a ‘legendary spot overlooking the city’

STARFIELD LIBRARY, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: This library in South Korea ‘is always worth a visit’ according to the Lens Between Us pair. The couple photographed one another simultaneously while standing in front of two enormous bookshelves on their fourth trip to the capital city

DJERBA, TUNISIA: These striking images were taken during Zuzu and Peter’s first all-inclusive holiday in Djerba, Tunisia. ‘We always travelled and documented our travels,’ the couple said. ‘We wanted to experience the seven days in one place without any hustle and we loved it’ 

OTUMUHEKE STREAM, NEW ZEALAND: This stunning pair of photos gives a 360-degree view of Otumuheke Stream. ‘We were documenting a yoga festival and had no time to explore, but one day we woke up early and hit the road to discover this place to warm up,’ the couple said of their trip

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: ‘It looks like we had great London weather,’ the couple joked of their visit to London’s Millennium Bridge, here. True to their ‘Lens Between Us’ style of photography, these pictures show views from both sides of the bridge – St Paul’s Cathedral (left) and the Tate Modern (right) 

PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS, MALAYSIA: These photos taken by the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia show not only the iconic skyscraper (left) but also a rarer glimpse of the KLCC Park behind it (right). Zuzu and Peter described the site as an ‘amazing place’ and said ‘you can see the whole city’ from the towers

LOUVRE MUSEUM, PARIS, FRANCE: ‘Paris is always a good idea,’ say the Lens Between Us pair after posing in front of the Louvre Museum at twilight. Both sides of the iconic building can be seen in this stunning panorama

CHI LIN NUNNERY, HONG KONG: Here, the couple show two sides of the Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong – the golden pagoda in Nan Lian Garden and the rock gardens opposite. ‘A tribute to how our focus is always on each other, our images are part travel photography, part portraiture,’ the couple said

ZELENE PLESO, SLOVAKIA: Zuzu and Peter photographed one another during a walk with their parents in the High Tatras mountains on a trip home to Slovakia. The couple described it as a ‘beautiful place in our homeland’

GARDENS BY THE BAY, SINGAPORE: Capturing two of the most iconic landmarks in Singapore, Zuzu and Peter snap one another in front of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands hotel. When asked how they prepare for photo shoots, they said: ‘It’s always organic. We are not preparing in advance, we just do it as we go. When we take the photos, we don’t spend too long at the spot, we just say “did you have good focus? Did you take my photo?” and move on’

BASKA, KRK, CROATIA: ‘We all have that one place that we like to visit again and again,’ Zuzu and Peter said of Baska town on the Croatian island of Krk. The pair reveal two sides of the island, with Zuzu kayaking in the water and Peter standing on the rocky shoreline

Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik describe their collection as part travel photography, part portraiture

For more visit the Lens Between Us Instagram page – www.instagram.com/lensbetweenus

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