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A woman discovered a clever workaround to avoid checked luggage fees by disguising her belongings as extra junk in her trunk.

Shewana McGee, from Birmingham, Alabama, took to TikTok to reveal the results after she stashed a large backpack on top of her derrière.

The bag was secured in place underneath figure-hugging leggings and further concealed by a denim jacket tied around her waist – creating the illusion she’d had a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL.

‘Keep it FREE sis,’ she captioned the post. 

Shewana McGee took to TikTok to reveal how she’d concealed her carry-on to avoid fees

The Alabaman managed to stash her entire backpack underneath her leggings over her derrière, creating the illusion that she’d had a Brazilian butt lift

‘When you’re flying Frontier and they say your personal bag is too big,’ she wrote in text overlay on the clip

Since Shewana shared the travel hack to TikTok days ago, her post has racked up nearly one million views and more than 100,000 likes

She went on to add hashtags including #doingwhatigottado and #instantBBL – the latter a reference to the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Text overlay on the post gave context to the booty-enhancing quick fix: ‘When you’re flying Frontier and they say your personal bag is too big.’

A follow-up TikTok from Shewana captured the hefty size of the pack, which appeared totally full as well. But in the caption, she clarified that the photo was taken ‘before removing items’ from the intended carry-on. 

According to a checked bag price breakdown on Frontier’s website, the backpack Shewana was toting on her travels could have incurred a fee of up to $60 had she been made to check it.

Since Shewana shared the initial TikTok days ago, the post has racked up nearly one million views and more than 100,000 likes.

And newly converted fans of Shewana’s booty-popping travel hack flooded the comments with praise and tickled appreciation for the on-the-go solution.

‘I’m hollering!… I bet they didn’t even question it,’ one top-voted comment read – to which Shewana responded, ‘Nope,’ alongside three laughing-face emojis.  

‘Yasss dat booty ain’t too big for da seat,’ someone else added. 

In a follow-up TikTok post, the backpack that Shewana had concealed was shown to be quite hefty in size

Viewers took to the comments to praise Shewana for the ingenious quick-fix

To this, the creator responded affirmatively: ‘Shole ain’t.’

‘When there’s a will baby make a way… that’s a good one,’ a third admirer lauded.

‘I’M HOLLERING DEW YEW HEAR ME,’ one evidently delighted commenter declared.

‘It looks real,’ one impressed onlooker exclaimed.

‘Omggg… def gone use this,’ one inspired viewer admitted.

Shewana is far from the first TikTok content creator to see her travel hack go viral after sharing it on the platform. 

Earlier this year, frequent flier Steph Gibbs took to TikTok to explain how she pre-orders toiletries from the Boots location at the airport – and simply picks everything up after clearing security rather than worrying about packing the necessities beforehand.

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