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Australia’s alleged worst pedophile has been rushed to hospital with facial burns after a fellow inmate doused him with boiling water. 

Ashley Paul Griffith, 45, was taken to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with burns after another inmate at Wolston jail allegedly attacked him on Friday.

Griffith was allegedly assaulted in unit S3 at around midday by another inmate who tipped boiling water on his head.

It’s understood the water may have been combined with jam to make the burning effect worse.

The alleged attack comes just days after Griffith was on Tuesday named for the first time since being charged for allegedly sexually abusing 91 young girls over the past 15 years at childcare centres. 

Ashley Paul Griffith, 45, (pictured) has been rushed to hospital on Friday after another inmate at Brisbane’s Wolston Prison doused him with boiling water

Griffith is facing 1,623 child abuse offences after allegedly assaulting young girls at childcare centres in Brisbane, Sydney and overseas between 2007 and 2022. 

He has been charged with 136 counts of rape and 110 counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10.

It is alleged that at least 23 of his alleged victims were aged between one and five.

Griffith’s identity was unmasked for the first time on Tuesday after a change in Queensland law allowed the identity of those accused of sexual assaults to be identified prior to being committed to stand trial. 

He had already spent a year in the protection unit at Arthur Gorrie jail, where he had gained a job in prison industries.

Once his identity was revealed, prison officers moved him into a detention unit for his own safety after other inmates became aware of what he had allegedly done.

He was intermittently placed into the ‘special management unit’ at Arthur Gorrie before being transported to Wolston.

 ‘Unit s3 is for the most protected prisoners that make the media and the worst sex offenders,’ an officer told the Courier Mail.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokeswoman confirmed to the publication that a prisoner assaulted two other prisoners at Wolston.

‘One prisoner was assessed by medical staff on site with no treatment required and the other has been transported to hospital for further assessment,’ she said.

‘No officers were injured in the incident.’

The incident has been referred to the Corrective Services Investigation Unit of the Queensland Police Service.

The inmate is thought to have mixed jam with the boiling water, which causes the effects of the burn to be worse

Court documents reveal the extent of the heinous allegations against Griffith. 

Police will allege Griffith raped one of his victims 28 times and sexually abused another 54 times.

Another young girl was allegedly raped 27 times and sexually abused 34 times, the court documents state. 

A third girl was allegedly raped eight times and abused 24 times over three years. 

If convicted of all offences, Griffith would be considered the worst pedophile in Australia’s history. 

Earlier this year, Daily Mail Australia revealed Griffith boasted about his childcare experience and discussed how he helped children ‘develop their identities’ in a now-deleted online profile. 

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