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Charlotte Dawson has revealed her two-month-old son Jude has RSV Bronchitis after being rushed to hospital. 

The former Ex On The Beach star, 31, gave a health update on Instagram on Friday as she shared how thankful she was to have trusted her instinct after an initial doctor had turned them away thinking it was just a cold. 

Charlotte posted a picture of herself cradling her little one close to her chest and holding his hand.

She captioned the post: ‘Trust your motherly instinct. I might be absolutely exhausted but I knew something wasn’t right & it wasn’t. 

‘Our beautiful boy has RSV bronchitis after just saying he had a cold to go home and rest from the doctors. 

Heartbreak: Charlotte Dawson has revealed that the mystery illness her two-month-old son Jude has is RSV bronchitis, despite doctors telling her it was a cold and ‘to go home

Opening up: Charlotte took to her Instagram Stories to update her followers on what’s been going on over the last week with baby Jude

Love: Taking to Instagram the TV personality told her followers to ‘trust your motherly instincts’ and that her focus now is to get her little one better

‘Thank god we went up to hospital at the right time and the nurses and doctors have been amazing got him straight on oxygen and we will be here until next week, but we are in the right place & in safe hands. 

‘Thank you for all your messages love you all, just got to focus on him getting better now so scary when they are so little & seeing him with all these tubes on him don’t want to let go of him.’ 

According to the NHS, Bronchiolitis is caused by a viral infection, usually the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

RSV is very common and spreads easily in coughs and sneezes. Almost all children have had it by the time they’re two.

Fans and Charlotte’s celebrity friends flooded to her comment section to send their love and well wishes.

Reality star Vicky Pattison wrote: ‘Well done gorgeous girl for acting fast… sending you, Jude and your whole family so much love’ followed by a heart eye emoji.

Singer Rebecca Ferguson added: ‘Lots of love hope he heals quickly’ followed by a some hearts a praying hands. 

The TV personality then took to her stories to update her followers on what’s been going on. With Jude feeding on her breast, Charlotte joked: ‘He just loves being on mummies boobies, on the udders.’

After thanking her fans for all their kind messages, she went on to say: ‘Obviously last night was just very scary and traumatic and very emotional.’

Traumatic: Charlotte revealed she rushed her son to hospital after mystery health scare despite the doctors saying his chest was clear

Sad: After thanking her fans for all their kind messages, she went on to say: ‘Obviously last night was just very scary and traumatic and very emotional’

Scary: She explained some of Jude’s symptoms included screaming and when he couldn’t breathe and was wheezing she took him to the hospital where blood tests revealed the result

On the mend: The star reassured fans that she’s seen a change in her little one since coming to the hospital  but that he’s still struggling with his breathing

Working: Whilst telling her story, Charlotte joked that she was like ‘Daisy the chuffing cow’ from pumping all her milk

She told her followers how she had taken Jude to the doctors earlier in the week, but they told her he was a bit chesty, but nothing major. 

They reassured her he would be fine and to keep her eye on him, but to give them a ring if she was worried.

She then went on to say that on Tuesday night Jude started screaming. She told her followers: ‘I just knew some wasn’t right, it’s a mother’s instinct, you just know something’s not right. He was doing this proper screaming.

‘On the Wednesday night the screaming started again like he was in loads of pain and I just just knew it wasn’t right and it wasn’t like Jude at all. I kept sending Matthew voice notes because he was in the other room and I woke him up and I was like ‘look somethings not right’ here.’

Charlotte took Jude to the doctors again, who told her it could be colic, but that his chest was clear and to go home. They added if she was really worried she could take him to the hospital but would be waiting a while.

Support: Fans and Charlotte’s celeb pals  flocked to her comment section to pass on their love and well wishes to little Jude

New mum: Charlotte welcomed her second child, Jude in July with rugby player fiancé Matt Sarsfield (pictured)

Tough: The mother-of-two revealed how can’t cope with how scary it’s been’

Charlotte brought Jude home and then went on to say: ‘The wheezing started, he couldn’t breathe, he was deteriorating massively and still wouldn’t feed on me.’ 

She said she then decided to take him to hospital and said: ‘The nurses said ‘Thank God you’ve come now because his oxygen levels are so low’. They saw me straight away, they were so good with me.

‘His colouring was grey. A horrible, horrible colour. His eyes are all puffy and red and then they took us straight up to the ward and did an X-ray on him. Obviously he had to have bloods and everything. It was traumatic. 

‘It’s just horrible seeing all these tubes in your babies face and even though it’s helping him obviously, and we’re in really safe hands here, it’s just so hard and I had to go out of the room a couple of times.’

Charlotte then said how the tests revealed Jude had RSV bronchitis and because he is so young they would be in hospital for the next few days.

The star reassured fans that she’s seen a change in her little one and has even had a couple of smiles from him, but that he’s really struggling with his breathing.

‘He’s feeding on me which is amazing and on the tube, so I’m pumping away. I’m like Daisy the chuffing cow here!’ she joked.

The mother-of-two, who welcomed her second son, Jude, with rugby player fiancé Matt Sarsfield at the end of July told how she ‘can’t cope with how scary it’s been’.

The pair also share son Noah who turned two in January.

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