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A ‘freaked out’ tenant has been left desperately searching for answers after a strange orange object began to grow inside her rental home. 

The woman spotted the dark orange coloured protuberance sprouting from the corner of a window sill in her home. 

The object – which appears to be filled with dust and grime – seems to have a flame-coloured surface that is inwardly bent. 

An Aussie renter ‘freaked out’ after she spotted a strange orange object (pictured) growing inside her rental home

Part of the grimy object is seen extending outwards in front of the window. 

The concerned renter who was unable to identify the bizarre object uploaded a picture to Facebook seeking answers. 

She was treated to several responses from users who saw the funnier side of her frightening dilemma.

‘It’s The Upside Down,’ one user said in reference to an alternative universe on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, a land which houses rock particles and alien species. 

‘It’s what I thought too when I first saw it… but please not in my house,’ the woman replied. 

‘I was going around cleaning all windows and window sills and came across this,’ she said. 

‘I’ve never seen this before.’ 

While other users said they were creeped out by the unusual specimen, some said that the object was a sign mould was building up inside wooden materials. 

‘I had this recently, it means water has got in and the wood is rotting basically,’ one user said. 

‘My whole window frame had to get replaced — glass was nearly falling out when the builder checked it, because you could push your finger right through the wood. It was that bad.’

The object is a type of fungus which could have formed inside the wood while the property was constructed. 

Karl Coppen, special projects and operational manager at MouldMen, a company that specialises in the removal of mould from homes, said the fungus had built up over time. 

Mr Coppen told Yahoo the mould-like substance could have developed due to moisture which can allow it to grow quickly. 

‘When we see these kinds of growths, it’s generally when there is a good chance of moisture,’ he said. 

An expert says the grimy flame-coloured object (pictured) is a type of mould which could have formed due to moisture on the surface of wooden materials inside the home

‘The higher the moisture, the quicker something can spore like this.’ 

Mr Coppen said it’s not known if the substance is toxic as there are over 100,000 different species of mould. 

A lot of them need to be anlaysed through lab tests to determine how harmful they are. 

‘There is a lot of noise about black mould being particularly toxic and some of the dark moulds are more of a risk to health,’ Mr Coppen said. 

He said the fungus may have occurred due to collection of water particles which had caused moisture to build up in a dry part of the home leading to the growth of the substance. 

Mould affects around 70 to 80 per cent of Australian homes. 

Most homes are affected by mould which grows on wet surfaces when moisture builds up on a surface

The bacteria grows through tiny spores which are not visible to people and usually forms on a surface where there is moisture. 

The spores which are airborne attach themselves to the moisture before it begins to grow on the wet surface, causing the build up of mould.

People can avoid the growth of mould indoors by allowing a good amount of sunshine and fresh air into their homes. 

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