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Former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has lashed out at Donald Trump for claiming migrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country,’ expressing his shock at the ‘extraordinary, hateful, Hitler-like quote.’

Trump drew astonished backlash from critics after including the line in a recent video interview, where he repeated his prior claims that migrants are criminals, insane, terrorists, and diseased.  

‘Nobody has any idea where these people are coming from. We know they come from mental institutions and insane asylums. We know they’re terrorists,’ Trump said in the interview with The National Pulse, a right-leaning website.

‘It’s poisoning the blood of our country. It’s so bad, and people are coming in with disease. People are coming in with every possible thing that you could have,’ he said.

Rivera, a veteran journalist and commentator, slammed the comment as ‘disgusting’ in a post on X, adding: ‘Not only does it harken back to the Nazi-era, it is also part of the shameful, vile, centuries old tradition of claiming falsely that immigrants carry diseases.’

Former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has lashed out at Donald Trump for claiming migrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country,’ calling the remark ‘Hitler-like’

In a video post, Rivera continued: ‘That’s a quote — an extraordinary, hateful Hitler-like quote from the former president of the United States. That is shocking. It is outrageous. 

‘It harkens back to the mid 19th century, when the Irish immigrants were accused of bringing all sorts of diseases from Europe to the United States. 

‘It’s one of the reasons that they were hated by people. and then every every successive wave of immigrants, the Italians, the Chinese, the Jewish, the Eastern Europeans. 

‘Now, the Latin Americans are always accused of bringing diseases, a fact that is absolutely not true. In fact, when you look at the people, the largely Latino people who are coming undocumented to this country, they are walking fifteen hundred miles.

‘How many Americans could walk fifteen hundred miles, could walk through the jungles and cross rivers and so forth in search of a better life for themselves and their children?

‘To just — and to think that this guy was my friend. That is shocking. I’m so embarrassed. President Trump, former president, could say something like “poisoning the blood of our country”. That is absolutely indefensible. It is disgusting.’ 

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation’s oldest Latino civil rights organization, also slammed Trump’s words as reminiscent of Hitler, the genocidal dictator who presided over the murder of millions during World War II.

‘With their overtly divisive and prejudiced undertones, Trump’s words bear an alarming resemblance to the phrasing used by Adolf Hitler during Germany’s Third Reich, where he accused Jewish people and migrants of ‘causing a blood poisoning’ of Germany,’ the group said in a statement.

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia said the comments would ‘unleash unprecedented hatred towards desperate, mostly Latino asylum seekers he is targeting for political gain.’

‘Using the words ‘blood poisoning’ is deliberately calculated to create fear and scapegoat Christian refugees. His use of Nazi code speak is gutter politics unworthy of a presidential candidate,’ said Garcia. 

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung hit back at critics in a statement, saying: ‘That’s a normal phrase that is used in everyday life – in books, television, movies, and in news articles. 

‘For anyone to think that is racist or xenophobic is living in an alternate reality consumed with non-sensical outrage.’ 

‘And to think that this guy was my friend. That is shocking. I’m so embarrassed,’ said Rivera, a onetime conservative commentator whose views turned against Trump in recent years

‘Nobody has any idea where these people are coming from. We know they come from prisons. We know they come from mental institutions. You know, they’re terrorists,’ Trump said

Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Trump’s comments had ‘echoes nativist talking points’

Trump’s latest remarks about ‘blood poisoning’ also drew a stern rebuke from the Anti-Defamation League, which pointed to similar language used by mass shooters.

‘Insinuating that immigrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country’ echoes nativist talking points and has the potential to cause real danger and violence. We have seen this kind of toxic rhetoric inspire real-world violence before in places like Pittsburgh and El Paso. It should have no place in our politics, period,’ ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said.

He called the language ‘racist, xenophobic and despicable.’

‘And when anyone has a large platform, they need to be careful with their voice, but when you’re the former president of the United States, you absolutely need to recognize your responsibility because this kind of rhetoric is explosive and must end, full stop,’ Greenblatt said.

The Trump campaign called it ‘non-sensical outrage’ and called it a ‘normal phrase.’

Adolph Hitler used the concept of blood ‘poisoning’ in Mein Kampf.

‘All great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning,’ he wrote. 

The interview was billed as a Trump interview that ‘the fake news doesn’t show you.’ 

Trump drew fury at the start of his 2016 campaign when he spoke of Mexican ‘rapists’ coming into the country. 

‘They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.’ he said. 

Illegal immigration has climbed to the top of the list of concerns of American voters, with more than 10,000 migrants heading to the border each day, according to Mexico’s president.

Amid the concern, Trump’s rival President Biden is facing pressure to demonstrate he is working to stop the influx. This week, the administration in an administration publication revealed it would resume construction of a section of border wall, but the White House said the action was required by a Trump-era law. 

The Trump interview, shot at Mar-a-Lago, dropped last week but has been gaining notice since. 

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