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A Georgia Resident’s Halloween decorations have caused outrage across a neighborhood where residents have slammed their front yard display as ‘racist’. 

The Cassville Road home in Bartow County, located about 43 miles from Atlanta, is showing a person with an animal skull over their head hanging with a noose around their neck from a tree. 

Locals in the community have slammed the display, but the family who reside at the home don’t believe they are in the wrong. 

When Christol Stevenson first saw the human-like doll hanging from the tree, she couldn’t believe her eyes. 

‘The first thing I thought of was a modern day lynching,’ she told Fox5 Atlanta

‘It definitely is racist to me. It’s very insulting to the Black community.’ 

A Georgia Resident’s Halloween decorations have been slammed as ‘racist’

The display appears to show a person hanging from a noose by their neck

Local residents have expressed outrage, but homeowner Rachel (pictured) says the kids love it

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Her concerns are echoed far and wide across the area, with many outraged that it appears to show a black man. 

Dexter Benning, the president of the Bartow County NAACP, said the display is ‘crossing the line’ and feels it’s ‘offensive’. 

‘It really signified and insinuated that it was a person and that it was a person of color. 

‘Bartow County has a history of hangings. To do that is just not appropriate. 

‘Black folks have endured so much in this country, and to depict someone being [hanged] is not a place that we want to be in 2023.’

Randy Livsey, a local pastor, hoped the family takes concerns seriously.

When a neighbor took down the Halloween ‘decoration’, the family put it straight back up 

Her concerns are echoed far and wide across the area, with many outraged that it appears to show a black man 

Stevenson said she thought she was witnessing ‘a modern day lynching’ when she drove past the display 

‘If you really want to celebrate Halloween and not be offensive, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to take it down, hang it around the waist if you want to, or just hang up something different.’

The homeowner, Rachel, has defended the display, saying her kids ‘love Halloween’ and are both excited about ‘Mr Creepy in the tree’. 

She denies that the figure it is meant to represent a person of color, despite the dummy wearing brown gloves and a black t-shirt.  

‘It’s just the spare clothes that my husband had that he had that he was going to throw away anyway. No other reason other than that,’ Rachel told WSB-TV.

‘I’ve had tons of people driving by taking pictures, beeping, giving me a thumbs up saying that’s awesome. But then, I have other people calling the cops on me saying it’s racist.

‘I was just trying to make a Halloween decoration, something spooky for the kids and the adults to look at [and] enjoy.’ 

Locals in the area reported the display to the police at least two times. 

Officers have visited the family’s home but deemed they were not breaking the law. 

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