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Kevin McCarthy insisted he will not resign from Congress despite being ousted from the speakership this week and said he will even run for re-election in 2024. 

‘I am not resigning I have a lot more work to do,’ he told reporters after reports speculated that he was eyeing up a resignation. 

‘I want to keep the majority,’ McCarthy said, insisting he would run again next cycle. ‘We’re gonna expand it further.’ 

If McCarthy were to resign it would have hurt House Republicans’ narrow four-vote majority. The race would have to go to a special election that Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom could drag out putting on the calendar.  

During his parting presser after a historic vote that ousted him from the top job in the House, McCarthy said ‘I haven’t thought about it’ when asked about the possibility of resigning. 

A motion to vacate the speaker’s chair was adopted 216 to 210, with eight Republicans joining Democrats to boot the House leader on Tuesday. 

Kevin McCarthy insisted he will not resign from Congress despite being ousted from the speakership this week and said he will even run for re-election in 2024

McCarthy, R-Calif., became the first Speaker in the 234-year history of the United States Congress to be kicked out and have his gavel taken away by fellow lawmakers.

In an all-conference meeting after the vote McCarthy reportedly told members he was looking forward to spending more time with his family now that he isn’t speaker anymore. 

McCarthy ally Rep. Patrick McHenry, chair of the Financial Services Committee, has been named as the interim Speaker, but now the GOP will launch a marathon bid to pick a successor while in turmoil. 

Many Republicans are now demanding a change to the House GOP conference rules that currently allow for a single-member motion to vacate, or allow one member to call a vote to oust the speaker.  

Republicans will return to Capitol Hill on Monday to debate who will lead them next amid a contentious battle between Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the powerful Judiciary Committee, and the House’s Number Two Republican, Steve Scalise. 

Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, left, is running against Majority Leader Steve Scalise, right 

They are expected to vote as a conference on a candidate before a speaker’s ballot on the House floor  

The humiliating end for McCarthy, 58, sent shockwaves across Capitol Hill and secured his title as the shortest-serving Speaker since 1875, following a rollercoaster tenure of nine months. 

It came after a rebellion led by his nemesis, Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, and a small group of hardline Republicans who viewed McCarthy as a weak conservative.

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