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An Ohio mother and her 19-year-old daughter are facing a slew of criminal charges after allegedly suffocating a newborn and dumping the child in the trunk of her car. 

Basma Abdul Karim Alkelezli, 36, gave birth on September 20 before allegedly placing her baby in a trash bag and enlisting her daughter Hanan Ahmad Al Jabouli, 19, to hide the body. 

She then placed the infant in an orange five-gallon bucket and hid it in her car, prosecutors claim. In court on Friday, she admitted she could hear the baby crying from inside the car. 

The tragedy was discovered on September 20 when paramedics with the Norwich Township Fire Department responded to reports of a medical emergency, later finding that Alkelezli had just given birth but was not cradling her child. 

While Alkelezli was rushed to hospital, police visited the home and discovered a newborn baby in a car in the backyard, according to NBC4

Both women face a slew of charges and have pleaded not guilty. Alkelezli was set bond at $2 million, and her daughter’s bond was set at $1 million. 

Basma Abdul Karim Alkelezli, 36, gave birth on September 20 before allegedly suffocating the newborn and enlisting her daughter to hide the body

Hanan Ahmad Al Jabouli, 19, is facing a slew of charges alongside her mother, including aggravated murder, murder, strangulation or suffocation, endangering children, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence

Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Cory Helffrich said that Alkelezki eventually told officers she was pregnant, but admitted: ‘They were moving homes and the baby would have been more expenses.’

Helffrich also claimed that she told officers she did not even look at the baby and placed him in a trash bag seconds after she gave birth.  

When paramedics were first warned of the medical emergency, a person – seemingly her daughter – urged officers to rush to the home, but made no mention of her having given birth. 

‘My mom is not waking up, I don’t know what’s going on with her,’ they told 911 in a call released by Hilliard police. 

Reports indicate that emergency responders found she was actively bleeding, but took her to the hospital without initially realizing she had given birth.

After it was determined by prosecutors that Al Jabouli had helped her mother, Helffrich claimed that she admitted to placing the child in a trash bag and then the five-gallon bucket.

‘(She) admitted she could still hear the baby crying from inside the trash bag,’ the prosecutor added. 

It quickly became apparent she had done so, including having a recently cut umbilical chord, according to reports.

An officer also noted there was a language barrier between her and the medics, possibly leading to the delay in discovering she had given birth. 

Alarmed medics alerted police after it became apparent the newborn was unaccounted for, with cops first searching the house to no avail. 

After they moved to the back of the property and looked inside a vehicle parked in the backyard, where they made the horrifying find of the child abandoned but still alive. 

Officers quickly began administering aid to the infant before taking him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he was tragically pronounced dead. 

A coroner determined that the baby had been born healthy before it was killed, according to Helffrich.

Paramedics rushed to the home after reports of a medical emergency, rushing Alkelezli to hospital before realizing she had given birth – but her infant was unaccounted for

Neighbors said emergency responders administered CRP and chest compressions to the child to no avail, while a huge police presence descended on the property

The family members were indicted by a grand jury on Friday, and now face a slew of grisly charges related to the death of the child. 

They are charged with aggravated murder, murder, strangulation or suffocation, endangering children, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. They pleaded not guilty during an Ohio court appearance on Friday. 

Before their indictment this week, the mother and daughter were arrested on September 22 on charges of abuse of a corpse.  

The Hilliard Division of Police Chief Mike Woods told reporters that officers were left shaken by the alleged crime. 

‘All of the officers that are here, most of them are parents, a couple of them here have newborn children,’ he said. 

‘It’s very tough on them. I’m proud of them for pushing through it.’

A neighbor who witnessed paramedics trying to save the infant’s life told WSYX that a huge police presence descended on the home, and saw the child carried off by a stretcher.

‘They were doing compressions, you could tell by the way they were handling the situation that it was a very small person,’ they said.  

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