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Dramatic footage has captured the wild moment a bystander performed a citizen’s arrest after pulling a teen driver out of an allegedly stolen car. 

The teen was spotted driving a badly damaged Range Rover through the Gold Coast on September 30. 

A Highland Reserve man spotted the teen driving erratically and suspected the vehicle was stolen. 

Instead of calling the police, the man jumped into his own vehicle and pursued the teen in a wild car chase. 

The footage shows the good Samaritan calling out to his partner ‘baby, I’ll be back in a second’ as he pursues the suspected thief. 

A Highland Reserve man spotted a teen driving a Land Rover Range Rover erratically and suspected the vehicle was stolen. After pursuing the car, a young girl jumped out and fled on foot (pictured) 

A girl is seen jumping out of the damaged four-wheel-drive and running away on the footpath as the Range Rover speeds off.

The driver pursues the Range Rover in a chaotic chase as the teen speeds down a suburban street and towards the main road. 

The man is filmed driving on the wrong side of the road as he tries to catch the Land Rover 

However after realising he will not be able to slow the teen down he then turns back to find the girl. 

The man pulls over next to the girl and is heard yelling out the window ‘Oi, don’t you f***ing run!’. 

CCTV footage shows the girl standing in a neighbours driveway while the man parks his car across its entrance and walks towards her. 

‘Stay there, don’t f**king move. Get on your knees, get on you f**king knees now,’ the man commands the girl. 

He then detains the girl by using zip ties around her ankles and her wrists, which are placed behind her back. 

Queensland Police took the girl into custody and was given a notice to appear in Beenleigh Children’s Court on October 30 for the unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

CCTV footage shows the man parking his car across the entrance of a driveway, trapping the girl, before he detains her with tie straps (pictured) 

Police allege the Range Rover was stolen from The Esplanade on the Gold Coast by a gang of teens.  

‘The vehicle was spotted at a Illaweena Street, Drewvale address around 1.30am on October 1, where four of its occupants were taken into custody,’ a police spokesperson told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Police have charged four boys, aged between 13 and 15-years-old, with one count of unlawful use of motor vehicles. 

The teenage boys will face Richlands Children’s Court at later dates. 

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