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While the NHS Health Check, available to those from the age of 40 to 74, determines who is at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke, there are other checks to be made before this age.

Dr Jutla, a specialist digital clinician at Medichecks, said: “Skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in the UK, with cases continuing to climb.”

As more Brits go abroad while young nowadays, it’s key to be on the lookout for skin changes.

“Early diagnosis is key,” said Dr Jutla. “You should look for any areas that have changed colour or texture and look closely for any changes to moles.”

Anybody who witnesses skin changes should “visit your doctor as soon as possible” so that a biopsy can be taken, if necessary.

Dr Jutla also recommended young people to take an iron blood test, which could uncover iron deficiency anaemia.

Without correction, the condition can lead to tiredness, shortness of breath and pale skin, as well as complications.

Dr Jutla explained: “You can develop anaemia if you don’t eat enough iron-rich foods or if you regularly take steroids or NSAIDs, like ibuprofen.”

While blood is being taken, it’s also advisable to check for cholesterol levels.

Dr Jutla elaborated: “Certain lifestyle factors can increase your risk of high cholesterol, for example eating lots of fatty foods and smoking.

“According to the NHS, more than two in five people have high cholesterol, which increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.”

People who find out they do have elevated cholesterol levels should cut back on alcohol, stop smoking, and exercise for at least 150 minutes weekly.

Dr Jutla also suggested a nutrition blood test to see if your diet is providing you with all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

“It’s not always easy to eat healthily if you’re on a busy schedule or trying to meet a tight budget,” said Dr Jutla.

“There are also certain food preferences that can increase your risk of deficiencies, for example being vegan can increase your chances of developing vitamin B12 or vitamin D deficiencies.”

Dr Jutla added that a blood pressure check wouldn’t go amiss. “Up to five million people in England alone have undiagnosed blood pressure,” Dr Jutla said.

Five health checks:

Skin cancer
Iron blood test
Nutrition blood test
Blood pressure.

Source: | This article first appeared on Express.co.uk

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