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A shattered young cafe owner has had her new business broken into and ransacked, with the thieves leaving behind a damage bill that is expected to extend into the thousands.

The manhunt continues for the brazen thieves who broke into and trashed Lola’s Coffee Bar, in Brisbane‘s south early Sunday,

Owner Marie David shared harrowing footage of the trail of destruction she was confronted with when she arrived not long after the break-in.

The front door and windows were completely smashed, while pot plants and other items were strewn across the floor.

Ms David and her family raced to the cafe after a 3am knock at the door from the police informing them of the break-in.

She took over the running of the cafe from her brother four months ago, who operates a barber shop from the same premises.

Lola’s Coffee Bar owner Marie David (pictured) has been left shaken by the break-in

She has been left shaken by the ordeal and fears it will happen again.

‘I was scared and disheartened when the police came to our door, especially being a new business owner,’ Ms David told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I was in shock as I honestly thought something like this would never happen to us.’

‘I’m scared that it will happen again.’

The popular cafe was only open for takeaway orders on Sunday as the mammoth clean-up job began.

While the damage has since been cleared, repairs will continue throughout the week.

‘It’s going to affect the business, but the priority for us right now is everyone’s safety,’ she said.

‘The best thing to come out of this is the number of customers who’ve come and shown their support.’

Ms David is grateful no one was harmed as Queensland’s crime wave worsens and has no ill will towards the culprits responsible.

Investigations into the break-in continue.

‘I don’t have much to say about the government, but I understand that there’s a lot of cost of living pressure at the moment, and people are resorting to these things, she said.

‘I do forgive whoever it was. I just hope they don’t cause any further damage.’

The devastated cafe owner said repairs will continue throughout the week. Pictured is the shattered front window and door


Police are hunting for the brazen thieves who caused extensive damage during the break-in

Her main message is to other business owners to be vigilant about security and that it can happen to anyone.

‘Be alert as these break-ins and happening more and more, all the time,’ she said.

Ms David hopeful the cafe will bounce back from the setback.

It comes after Ms David shared confronting footage of TikTok of the damage.

‘As a business owner, this is something I couldn’t prepare for,’ she explains.

‘This was something I was hesitant to share on social media because this is us at our most vulnerable state, but I also wanted to raise awareness for other business owners and the community that these things happen to normal people, and it happens all the time.’

‘We’re just really grateful for our community and for those who came in today to offer their support or a listening ear.’

Marie David (pictured) took over the reigns of the cafe from her brother four months ago

The young cafe owner fears her business will be targeted again. Pictured is the damage 

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