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Mike Pence said that his Republican 2024 primary competitors and their rhetoric are to blame for emboldening Hamas terrorists to attack Israel.

In a tweet, the former vice president placed the onus for the conflict directly on GOP ‘leading voices’ including ex-President Donald Trump, biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – the three frontrunners in the Republican primary contest.

Pence wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: ‘This is what happens when we have leading voices like Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis signaling retreat from America’s role as leader of the free world. When I’m President of the United States, we’ll lead from American Strength.’

Meanwhile, most other Republicans are blaming President Joe Biden for the invasion, claiming that his $6 billion payment to Iran agreed on last month is being used to directly fund the Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel from Palestinian enclaves in the region.

Presidential hopeful and former Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday morning that he blames Republican voices – mainly his 2024 competitors – for Hamas attacking Israel 

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Sunday: ‘Americans need to remember, it’s not that Israel needs America. America needs Israel.’

‘Israel is the front line of defense for the Iranian regime and terrorists that want to hurt us and want to hurt our friends and we need to be honest with the American people about that,’ Haley assured in an interview with NBC News’ Meet the Press host Kristen Welker.

While Pence also blames Biden, he says Republicans are also at fault.

‘That disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has emboldened the enemies of freedom around the world,’ Pence said in reference to the botched withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan early in Biden’s presidency. ‘And now war is raging in Eastern Europe.’

‘And President Joe Biden’s kowtowing for the last two-and-a-half years to the mullahs in Iran, lifting sanctions, begging them to get back in the Iran nuclear deal, and then paying $6 billion in a ransom for hostages, I think set the conditions for this unprecedented terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel.’

‘But I also believe this is what happens when we have leading voices like Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis signaling retreat from America’s role as leader of the free world,’ the former vice president and now 2024 hopeful told CNN.

Many leaders, including are Pence, are saying the show of full-throated support for Ukraine in its defense against Russian invasion should be the similar response toward Israel.

‘Look, what happened in Ukraine was an unprovoked invasion by Russia. What happened this weekend was an unprovoked invasion by Hamas into Israel. And I really believe now, more than ever, both the debate within the Republican Party and the debate within America, is whether or not we’re going to once again stand without apology as the leader of the free world, as the arsenal of democracy’

Last month, the Biden administration paid $6 billion to Iran as a deal reached in exchange for the release of five Americans from custody in the Middle East.

Biden insists the funds are subject to strict oversight and are narrowly limited to humanitarian, non-sanctionable purchases like food and medicine. Meanwhile, the Iranian government claims it can use the money however it pleases.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured during the rounds during Sunday morning television interview that the $6 billion payment is not to blame for the Hamas attack.

‘I actually think it was irresponsible for Secretary Blinken to say that the $6 billion doesn’t weigh in here,’ Haley told NBC News. ‘I mean, let’s be honest with the American people and understand that Hamas knows, and Iran knows they’re moving money around as we speak, because they know $6 billion is going to be released. That’s the reality.’

She claimed that history proves when money or payments are sent to hostile entities, they end up funding terrorism.

Former UN Ambassador and 2024 hopeful Nikki Haley said Sunday that America need Israel more than Israel needs America

‘Secretary Blinken is just wrong to imply that this money is not being moved around as we speak to hurt those that love freedom,’ she concluded.

Israel is raining down fire on fighters in the Gaza strip in a ruthless counteroffensive in the south while it also pounds Lebanon with artillery in the north.

It was revealed Sunday morning that 600 Israelis are confirmed dead after just a single day of conflict – and more than 2,000 are injured. This does not include those still being held hostage by the terrorist group, the number of which is unknown.

Blinken warned that there are reports and indicators that American citizens were kidnapped and are being held hostage by Hamas fighters in Israel. He also said there are reports others were murdered in the attacks.

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