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New York congressman Dan Goldman and his wife and their three children were forced to hide out in the stairwell of a hotel in Israel as Hamas rained down rockets over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Senator Cory Booker and his staff also escaped danger by holing up in a hotel bomb shelter on Saturday as the Palestinian terrorists entered the country in a surprise multi-front attack.

According to a statement from his office on Sunday, Goldman (D-N.Y.) and his family were in Israel for a Bar Mitzvah when Hamas launched its barrage of land, sea and air attacks.

Goldman, 47, his wife Corinne Levy hid in a hotel stairwell in Tel Aviv until early Sunday morning with their three children, at which point they departed back to New York, his spokesperson Simone Kanter said.

Rep. Dan Goldman, his wife and their three children sheltered in the stairwell of a hotel in Israel over the weekend after Hamas terrorist launched a surprise attack. Goldman and his family were in Israel for a Bar Mitzvah when the multi-front attack commenced

At least nine Americans were killed in Israel, the State Department confirmed, after Hamas launched a multi-front attack against the Jewish State on Saturday. Pictured: Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts rockets launched from Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Monday, October 9

‘I mean, our experience was traumatic. But of course it is nothing compared to so many Israelis down in the south just massacred with barbarism that we have not seen,’ Rep. Goldman said. 

On Sunday Rep. Goldman posted to X:  ‘At a minimum, Congress must replenish — and expand — the Iron Dome as soon as possible,’ referring to Israel’s defense system.

He added: ‘I hope Republicans can get their House in order so we can pass emergency legislation to assist Israel in defending herself.’

Sen. Booker (D-N.J.) posted a video from Israel on Sunday after he and his staff reached safety.

‘I am in Israel,’ the senator said in his selfie-style video from Jerusalem.

‘About this time yesterday I was jogging in the Old City when I got an urgent call from my chief of staff telling me to get back to the hotel as quickly as I could – that Israel was under attack.’

‘When I got back to the hotel I joined others in the bomb shelter or the stairwells of the hotel. Frightened faces – there were children, and elderly, families, many Americans. There was a sense of fear and worry.’

Booker, 54, had to cut his trip short due to the violence. The senator arrived in Israel last Friday and had plans to stay through at least Tuesday to speak about regional economic integration.

Sen. Cory Booker was also in Israel with his staff when the attack began. The Democrat had plans to stay through at least Tuesday to speak about regional economic integration, but was forced to cut his trip short amid the violence

Rep. Goldman called for Congress to ‘replenish’ Israel’s main defense system – the Iron Dome

Goldman and his family and Booker and his staff were all in Israel at a time when Hamas on Saturday morning launched the largest attack on Israel in decades – resulting that day in the largest Jewish death toll since the Holocaust in World War II.

Forces raided multiple Israeli towns as rockets rained down across the country and videos were released from Hamas showing them kidnapping, murdering and defacing bodies.

The total death toll surpassed 1,100 entering the third day of conflict. Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians are wounded and Hamas is holding at least a few hundred hostage in Gaza.

While Booker and Goldman were in Israel escaping the violence, some of their Democratic colleagues in Congress – mainly those in the progressive ‘squad’ – were expressing their distaste for Israel launching counter strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and calling for a ceasefire.

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