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The BBC‘s new documentary drama series The Reckoning charts Jimmy Savile‘s horrendous exploitation of his power and fame to commit up to 500 sexual offences.

These crimes were only exposed and investigated fully after the former Top Of The Pops host’s death aged 84. 

Steve Coogan, who plays Savile, has defended the production which has come under criticism for its dramatisation of the events.

But when exactly did Jimmy Savile die? And what was his cause of death?

Find out about the paedophile’s final days by reading on. 

Jimmy Savile (pictured in 2009) died age 84, and a flood of allegations of sexual assault subsequently emerged

The BBC ‘s new documentary drama series The Reckoning charts Jimmy Savile ‘s horrendous exploitation of his power and fame to commit up to 500 sexual offences

Savile (pictured on Top Of The Pops) was one of the most prominent faces on TV in the UK for almost half a century

Who was Jimmy Savile?  

Jimmy Savile was one of the most prominent faces on British TV between the 1960s and 1990s – with roles on the BBC programmes Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It.

After his death, it was revealed that this fame, and his involvement in organisations such as charities, hospitals and prisons helped him get away with the abuse of hundreds of young boys and girls without being brought to justice.

An ITV documentary the year after Savile’s death investigated claims of sexual abuse against him stretching for decades, leading to further allegations of abuse and a number of public inquiries.

One of these was Operation Yewtree – an investigation into historical acts of sex abuse – which led to the uncovering of historic sexual offences by Rolf Harris. 

The first recorded case of abuse by him happened in 1955 in Manchester, when he was the manager of a dance hall.

According to records, abuse by Savile at Leeds General Infirmary, where he was a volunteer porter, Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he also volunteered, and at the BBC started in 1965.

Now it is believed he preyed on roughly 500 victims who were as young as two years old across his life.

Many of his victims reported incidents at the time but did not receive justice until years later.

These include the last time he was interviewed interviewed which was in 2009, when Surrey police investigated an alleged indecent assault at Duncroft school, Surrey, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute. 

He was also knighted in 1990. In 2013, plans emerged for Savile to be awarded a posthumous knighthood – so he could then be stripped of it.

The bizarre plan was considered by the Honours Forfeiture Committee because knighthoods cannot be removed from people who have died. Those given a knighthood are awarded lifetime membership to a ‘living order’ and the title no longer exists when the holder dies.

When did Jimmy Savile die? 

After a short time in hospital, Savile died at his penthouse home in Roundhay, Leeds on October 29, 2011.

It was two days before his 85th birthday. 

In an interview shortly before he died, Savile said: ‘I’ve got a bounce back-ability, but this time I don’t seem to be bouncing back.’

In the same discussion, he replied to a question about turning 85: ‘So many women, so little time.’

The last picture of Savile, taken during the interview, reveal that he continued smoking cigars until he died.

Witnesses and victims of Savile’s crimes have told of how he abused his power and raped and molested them in his dressing room while he was Top Of The Pops host.

An inquiry into the death of a teenage girl reportedly led to Savile telling his Radio One bosses that he had been taking girls as young as 14 years old back to his flat after recordings because they did not have a place to stay overnight.

However, it appears that explanation – that he was just doing them a favour – was accepted at the time.

A leaked BBC report in 2016 further explained how the sex offender managed to evade detection.

It said: ‘During the Savile years, the culture in the BBC and BBC’s management style did not encourage the reporting of complaints or concerns.

‘Given the hierarchical structure, the impracticability of complaining to anyone other than a line manager and the weakness of the personnel department, the only option for a victim of inappropriate behaviour during the Savile years was to put up with it or leave.’

However, it contrastingly concluded: ‘By and large, they chose to stay because, in many respects, the BBC was a wonderful place to work.’

Prince Charles, as patron of the British Forces Foundation, with Savile during a reception at the Army Staff College, Sandhurst 

An inquiry into the death of a teenage girl reportedly led to Savile telling his Radio One bosses that he had been taking girls as young as 14 years old back to his flat after recordings

What was Jimmy Savile’s cause of death?

Jimmy Savile died of pneumonia, with his nephew Roger Foster confirming at the time that the paedophile had ‘passed away quietly in his sleep during the night.’

The penthouse where he lived much of his life, and eventually died, has since been demolished. 

Savile was buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough at a 45-degree angle, so that the Jim’ll Fix It presenter could ‘have a view of the sea’.

His £4,000 headstone – which read ‘it was good while it lasted – was removed by his family and sent to landfill following the litany of allegations about his past emerged.

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