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Haunting images reveal the eerie quiet that has settled over the site of the Nova festival, near Israel’s border with Gaza, where 260 partygoers lost their lives in a vicious Hamas massacre. 

Dozens of cars were abandoned after terrorists stormed the Nova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza Strip, as part of its surprise assault on Saturday.

Several vehicles were burnt out and missing key parts including tyres.  

Whole windows are missing from many of the cars, after attackers wantonly shot at civilians in the early hours of the morning. 

Camping gear, including sleeping bags, was left behind as thousands of revellers ran for their lives, as were everyday items, such as bottles of water and items of clothing.

Several tents, including those used to host events at the festival, were also abandoned by organisers and festivalgoers alike. 

The land around the festival site appears to have been torched by Hamas terrorists

Tents and festival equipment were abandoned during the attack

Discarded belongings and rubbish was left lying around the Nova festival area

Festivalgoers ran for their lives, as at least 260 people were killed in the attack 

Aerial footage of the festival site, meanwhile, revealed a torched swathe of land, seemingly done by Hamas’ terrorists.  

IDF soldiers are currently patrolling the area around the festival site. 

The Israeli rescue service Zaka said it has so far recovered at least 260 bodies in the aftermath of the attack. 

Distraught relatives, hoping to find their loved ones, were asked to bring personal items such as combs and toothbrushes belonging to their missing children so investigators can attempt to match their identification. 

Music at the deadly rave, which survivors said initially had ‘good vibes’, played all night until around 6.30am, when a siren began blaring warning of rockets.

IDF soldiers are currently patrolling the area around the festival site

Several cars were burnt out and left to rust by Hamas fighters

Dozens of cars were abandoned by the festival’s attendees

The site was abandoned by festivalgoers on Saturday morning as Hamas fighters stormed the area

Festivalgoers knew there was a risk of rocket attacks. But they didn’t expect a truckloads of gunmen cutting power to the festival and storming the site, firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

Peleg Orev, a barman who was working at the festival and left the premises moments before Hamas launched their deadly attack, told Good Morning Britain of the atrocities from the site.

‘They were looking to kill as many people as they can with the main objective to kill innocent people,’ he said.

Some 260 people have been confirmed dead at the festival ground, but a number of festivalgoers remain missing – with many fearing they are amongst those women, children and elderly victims who have been abducted by Hamas.

One heroic Israeli father, Mark Peretz, 50, had raced down to the scene as the scene horror unfolded in hopes of rescuing his 20-year-old daughter Maya who is amongst the unaccounted for.

Maya was with a group of 12 when she managed to escape the festival by car but they were later forced to abandon the vehicle.

Personal belongings, including sleeping bags and clothes, were left in the frenzied rush to leave

Car windows were show out by Hamas fighters during the attack on Saturday 

This is the first time the festival site has been visited since Saturday’s attack 

Mark knew he had been heading into danger when he began his journey south and had been on the phone with his family when gunshots sounded and the call was cut off.

No one has heard from Mark since, with his son’s friends – all of whom are ex-military – began searching for him. They found his car but no trace of the distressed father.

‘[He] dropped everything and drove there. Even given the situation, given the fact that there were rockets being thrown over our heads.

‘Given the fact that he saw Hamas terrorists riding into Israel, taking parachutes into Israel… he went to go rescue Maya,’ Mark’s daughter-in-law, Jessica Cohen, 24, told The New York Post.

He had been around 20 minutes away from Maya when the phone cut out. ‘We were on the phone with him and we heard gunshots, and don’t know exactly sure what happened,’ Jessica added. Both Mark and Maya remain missing.

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