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A Sydney-born grandmother has become the first Australian fatality confirmed in Israel as fears grow for a number of missing others feared dead.

Galit Carbone, 66, was among those killed in the Be’eri kibbutz, 5km from the Gaza Strip border, heartbroken relatives back home in Australia have confirmed.

Her lifeless body was found just metres from her home where she had previously worked as a librarian and raised her three children.

It comes as the death toll from the Hamas attacks on Israel climbed to more than a 1,000.

Ms Carbone was one of 108 civillians found dead in the kibbutz where she lived.

She has been remembered as ‘a very much loved mum, grandma, sister and cousin’.

Her family back in Sydney are in a ‘state of numb shock’ after their worst fears were confirmed late Tuesday.

Sydney born grandmother Galit Carbone (right) has been killed 

‘Over the last few days they’ve just gone through all the ranges of emotion, from hearing what happened to thinking that she’s been a prisoner to hearing confirmation that she was killed,’ cousin Julian Cappe told the Herald Sun.

‘We’re not sure if she was killed in her home or dragged out and killed, but her body was not found in her house. She may have been dragged around.’

‘We used to love spending time with her when we were in Israel.’

‘She was planning on visiting Australia soon. She’s been trying to come out for the last couple of years.’

There are also growing concerns for a number of Aussies who are still missing in Israel, including mother-of-two Adi Kaplon who is feared to have been kidnapped by Hamas.

Defence Minister Richard Marles said there were about 10,000 Australians in Israel.

Galit Carbone (left) has been remembered as a a very much loved mum, grandma, sister and cousin. She’s with daughters Maia (middle) and Nicole (right)

The death toll from the Hamas attacks in Israel has climbed past 1000. Pictured are soldiers remove the body of civilian in an attack by Palestinian militants near the border with Gaza

Back in Australia, a former prime minister has slammed Anthony Albanese’s ‘pussyfooting’ response to anti-Semitic protests in Sydney following Hamas terror attacks on Israel.

John Howard, who led Australia in the wake of the September 11 attacks, said the Prime Minister’s denouncement did not go far enough.

‘Mr Albanese should make some unequivocal statements, as should the Foreign Minister,’ he told The Australian.

‘Instead of that there is pussyfooting and lukewarm condemnation. Then you have the New South Wales Attorney-General (Michael Daley) saying everyone should remain calm and go home.

‘How can you remain calm when demonstrators are invoking the memory of the Holocaust? People remain calm in that?

‘I never thought we would crumple to this … We need leadership from the top, we aren’t getting that at the moment.’

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