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Captain Sir Tom Moore‘s family has confessed to pocketing £800,000 from books written by the NHS fundraising war veteran.

In a tearful interview, his daughter told how they received the money thanks to her father – whose lockdown walks raised £39million for the nation’s health service.

During the sit down with TalkTV‘s Piers Morgan, Hannah Ingram-Moore said that her war hero dad had wanted them to keep the profits from his three books. 

The highly charged discussion sees Mrs Ingram-Moore speak alongside her husband Colin and two children at their £1.2million home.

In the programme, due to air tomorrow, the family doubles down on their assertion that they never took ‘a penny’ directly from The Captain Tom Moore Foundation for personal gain.

Hannah Ingram-Moore (pictured with her late father) told how she received the money thanks to her father

Hannah Ingram-Moore said that her father had wanted them to keep the profits from his three books

Discussing his books, which were written before his death aged 100, Mrs Ingram-Moore said the money from them went into Club Nook Ltd – a firm separate to the charity in his name.

‘These were my father’s books, and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books.

‘He had an agent and they worked on that deal, and his wishes were that that money would sit in Club Nook, and in the end . . . ‘

Mrs Ingram-Moore tells Morgan also reveals that the family has received death threats since it emerged they earned money from her late father’s hard work.

‘They were all discussing how they were going to come and kill us all,’ she said.

She described the experience as ‘utterly devastating’, with her son confessing that ‘there has been genuine times where I don’t think she’s known if she could go on.’

In a trailer for the show, Morgan asks whether she had any qualms in receiving public donations, to which she admitted: ‘I should have said no.’ 

It comes after the family came under fire for allegedly building a spa pool complex extension to their seven-bedroom Grade II-listed house using the Captain Tom Foundation’s name.

In the new interview, Morgan put to them: ‘When I first walk in the first thing I see is a luxurious spa pool, that’s got nothing to do with Captain Tom,’ he says, seemingly in reference to the building.

‘We should have done it in a different way,’ Colin sad as his wife nods along.

Morgan then says: ‘Why are you reluctant to get rid of it?’ 

When asked about payment made to her for an appearance at an award ceremony, Mrs Ingram-Moore said she was paid £18,000 while the charity set up in her father’s name received just a £2,000 donation.

He said after: ‘This was one of the most difficult interviews of my career… the bottom line is they should never have accepted or kept a penny from anything to do with Captain Tom and public money.

‘It wasn’t just a clear conflict of interest, and deeply unethical, it was a betrayal of his legacy.’

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