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A protester scaled Sheffield Town Hall and ripped down the Israeli flag, replacing it with the Palestine flag to applause from gathered crowds.

Two men are said to have climbed the council building before getting down and fleeing the scene, police have said. 

Shocking footage of the incident shows a hooded man shuffling along the ridge of the roof, around 60 metres off the ground.

After reaching the mast he pulls down the flag, video shows, before successfully raising the Palestinian flag in its place.

Gathered crowds below celebrated below as the blue and white banner was thrown to the floor, cheering the man who then climbed down and absconded.

Shocking footage shows a hooded man shuffling along the ridge of the roof of Sheffield’s council building

Police said ‘minor disorder’ ensued as they tried to disperse the gathered crowds, meaning the suspect and another man were able to escape and are now being looked for.

The Town Hall only raised the Israeli flag on Monday morning, according to local reports. 

Following Hamas‘ violent attack on Israeli civilians on Saturday, the UK government asked that all public buildings across the country display Israel’s flag as a show of solidarity.

South Yorkshire Police said in a statement: ‘Officers attended reports of public order at the Town Hall on Sheaf Street in Sheffield this evening (10 October) at around 6.20pm.

‘It is believed that two men climbed onto the roof of the building and removed the flag that was being flown.

‘During officers’ attendance and their attempts to disperse the crowds, minor disorder led to the two suspects fleeing the scene.

‘Enquiries are ongoing to identify those involved and anyone with information is asked to report online, via live chat or by calling 101 quoting incident.’

The suspect pulled the flag down before replacing it with the Palestinian flag

The protester threw the Israeli flag to the ground before putting up the Palestine flag in its place, to cheers from the crowd

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