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A screenshot from a video has revealed the chilling moment Hamas butchers arrived in an Israeli village, where they murdered at least 100 people, including babies. 

The image, verified by CNNshows Hamas militants on motorbikes wielding guns entering kibbutz (community) Be’eri, just three miles from the border with Gaza.

The footage is believed to show the terrorists arriving around 7am, just half an hour after they breached the border wall between Gaza and Israel, CNN reported.

More than 100 bodies of murdered residents of the kibbutz were later discovered. 

Some of the victims had been beheaded, including children and elderly civilians. 

The Israel Defense Forces acknowledged on Monday that Be’eri, just three miles from the Gaza border, was ‘very badly hit.’

A screenshot from a video, verified by CNN , reveals the chilling moment Hamas butchers arrived in kibbutz Be’eri, where they murdered at least 100 people

Israeli forces extracting dead bodies of Israeli residents from a destroyed house as fighting between Israeli troops and Islamist Hamas militants continues

Israeli soldiers prepare to remove the bodies of their compatriots, killed during an attack by Hamas in Kfar Aza

‘We thought we would need more rooms (to house the evacuees). We didn’t need all the rooms,’ IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Richard Hecht told CNN.

The Hamas terrorists also beheaded babies and gunned down entire families in their homes in the Kfar Aza kibbutz, the Israeli military said. 

Bodies there litter the streets among burnt-out houses, strewn furniture and torched cars.

Yesterday Israeli soldiers were going house to house removing the dead, enraged that innocents were killed ‘not in war, not a battlefield, but in their beds’.

At nearby Kisufim kibbutz, a settlement of 375 peace-loving souls tending to avocado trees and herds of dairy cows, horror was unleashed at 6.20am on Saturday as the grenade-lobbing Hamas terrorists swept in.

Kibbutz resident Mr Harel, 33, told the Daily Mail’s Sam Greenhill: ‘They came to kill, and to abuse, and to desecrate. They came to my grandmother’s house. She was 90.’ 

Jina Semiaitz, who had lived on the kibbutz since she was a young woman, had heard the shots and gone into her armoured shelter, but did not lock the door, he said.

Brimming with anger, her grandson said: ‘She was terrified and confused, and doesn’t hear very well, and she didn’t realise what was going on.

Cars and a stroller left behind at the scene of a rocket attack from Gaza on the weekend are pictured on a main road near the entrance of the Israeli kibbutz of Kfar Aza

Israeli soldiers remove the body of a compatriot, killed during an attack by Hamas terrorists in Kfar Aza, on Tuesday

A view of a house left in ruins after an attack by Hamas militants on this kibbutz days earlier when dozens of civilians were killed near the border with Gaza on Tuesday

Gunshots and blood stains are seen on a door and walls of a house where civilians were killed days earlier in an attack by Hamas on this kibbutz near the border with Gaza on Tuesday

A baby’s seat and child’s dress is seen covered in blood in the aftermath of a Hamas attack 

‘She was the sweetest old lady, and they pulled her out of her shelter and dragged her to her living room. 

‘They shot her twice in the head. A 90-year-old – what possible harm could she do them? Then they went to her 71-year-old cousin, Ofer Ron, and shot him too in exactly the same way. These are the new Nazis.’

The Hamas terrorists continued their sick manhunt throughout the communal farm. Mr Harel said: ‘An 80-year-old man was handcuffed behind his back.

‘They shoved him on to the back seat and kidnapped him in his own car. We don’t know what has happened to him or if he is still alive.

‘There was a family – a mother, father and 15-year-old boy. They hid in their shelter. So the terrorists set fire to their house.

Hamas gunmen massacred 40 children in one farm settlement alone, their small bodies lying in their rooms riddled with bullets.

And as shellshocked survivors told their stories, one bereaved grandson, Shmuel Harel, told the Daily Mail: ‘They are the new Nazis. This was a holocaust, pure and simple.’

He said his terrified 90-year-old grandmother’s last moments were being dragged into her living room and shot twice in the head.

A sobbing Israeli woman said she had to listen in helpless horror as her 12-year-old autistic daughter was kidnapped while clinging desperately to her grandmother.

Shmuel Harel (L) survived along with kibbutz veteran Benny Hason (R) after Hamas terrorists swept in

Shmuel Harel (L) said his terrified 90-year-old grandmother’s (R) last moments were being dragged into her living room and shot twice in the head

Mr Harel, who is a business consultant, said: ‘We live on a kibbutz. It is peace-loving. But these people behaved like Nazis, like Isis.

‘They killed and then they abused the bodies. We need the world to know what happened in Kisufim Kibbutz so it never happens anywhere ever again.’

At the Leonardo Plaza, Mr Harel and some 300 survivors from Kisufim – half a mile from the Gaza fence, and lying close to the outdoor festival where hundreds were massacred – huddle together in groups after being evacuated.

Benny Hason, a 66-year-old veteran of the kibbutz, goes around consoling people table by table. He said: ‘They were stalking outside our houses, shouting ‘Slaughter the Jews’ in Arabic and firing guns and shotguns.

‘They were throwing grenades into people’s houses. Most people had got into their shelters and locked the doors – but the terrorists were trying to blast open the doors with their bombs. Not everyone was lucky. Today our community is smaller.’

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