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Air Canada is facing allegations of ‘negligence’ following a $17 million gold heist near the nation’s busiest airport.

The airline is being sued by Brink’s, a money management firm, after allegedly allowing thieves to take off with almost 900 pounds in gold and $1.9 million in bank notes in April. 

According to the reported lawsuit, Air Canada failed to place adequate security on the valuable shipment, with the daring criminals allegedly able to swipe the loot by using fake documentation. 

The unsolved crime has raised questions over the security apparatus in place for high-value shipments, and it became the largest gold theft since $30 million was stolen by thieves disguised as police in July 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The gold heist was pulled off near Toronto’s Pearson airport, Canada’s largest airport – with Air Canada accused of having ‘no security protocols’ to prevent thieves taking ‘valuable cargo’ transported to a nearby warehouse

The daring heist saw thieves take off with almost 900lbs in gold and $1.9 million in bank notes

Brink’s lawsuit was filed October 6 in the Federal Court of Canada, noting that the firm was hired by Swiss bank Raiffeisen Schwiz Genossenschaft to transport the cargo for precious metals refinery Valcambi SA on April 17. 

The company subsequently hired Air Canada to move the gold and cash from Zurich to Toronto, before it was moved from Pearson International Airport to a Toronto warehouse at shortly before 6pm. 

Less than an hour after the depot received the gold, a still-unidentified thief used fraudulent documents to pick it up. 

According to the lawsuit, ‘no security protocols or features were in place to monitor, restrict or otherwise regulate the unidentified individual’s access to the facilities.’ 

After the person pulled off the heist, cops were left scrambling for answers. So far, ‘there have been no arrests or convictions and the shipments have not been recovered,’ the lawsuit says.

Brink’s, a money management firm, launched the lawsuit after claiming that Air Canada was ‘negligent’ in handling the cash and gold

Canadian authorities insist they are still looking into the crime, with the investigation described as ‘very active’ by Peel Regional Police spokesperson Aruna Aundhia. 

‘Information will be released when investigators believe it will not interfere with the investigation’s integrity,’ they said, in a statement to Fortune

Air Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by DailyMail.com. 

Brink’s is seeking $13.5 million Swiss Francs to compensate for the missing gold, $1.9 million for the stolen cash, and additional costs from Air Canada. 

With no arrests in the months since, it was reported at the time by the Toronto Sun that organized criminal gangs may have been behind the theft. 

The heist in Canada became the largest gold theft since $30 million was stolen by thieves disguised as police in July 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil  

The heist in Canada became the largest such crime since thieves posing as police officers pulled off a huge $30 million robbery in Brazil in 2019. 

The suspects used fake police uniforms to enter Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo to target a trove of gold as it was being transported to New York and Zurich. 

In the space of less than three minutes, eight armed men disguised as agents who had arrived in two fake police vans stole the gold without firing a shot.

The thieves took two security guards hostage and the family of one of them to force their help, according to police reports.

The cargo was heavy and the thieves decided to use airport employees and some trucks to get it into one of the vans before they fled.

Hours later, the hostages were released and the vehicles were located abandoned in Sao Paulo.

Unlike in Canada, cops were able to track down three people and arrest them, all of them airport employees.  

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