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Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is well known for his bluntness and humor to followers of politics, but he leaped into mainstream pop culture America with his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert asked Sen. Fetterman, “ Is it awkward to be in the Capitol and then run into people that you have put up a devastating meme about because you’ve got excellent meme game, but then you have to see these people in the cafeteria?”

Sen. Fetterman answered, “Uh, no, it’s, you all should need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest, you know, to Washington, D.C. Like, sometimes, sometimes you literally just can’t believe, like, you know, these people are making the decisions that are, you know, determining the, the government here. It’s, it’s, it’s actually scary too, and, you know. Before the government almost shut down. I mean, it came down to a couple hours. I was in my office and they finally came over from the house and they’re like, okay, well, this has to be unanimous in the Senate, and out of 99 of us, if one single one of us would have said no, the whole government would have shut down. And that’s how dangerous that is to put that kind of power in one’s hands because you have some very less gifted kinds of people there that are willing to shut down the government just to score points on Fox.”


Senator @JohnFetterman is known for his devastating memes and after tonight, maybe his one liners!#Colbert pic.twitter.com/dRagmB1HXd

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) October 12, 2023

Fetterman perfectly described the situation in the Capitol to people who may tune in to a late-night comedy show before bed but don’t spend much time paying attention to politics.

The Republican Party has some people in positions of power who aren’t interested in governing, aren’t terribly bright, and only want to be famous and make money from their celebrity in the conservative movement. These same people are why there is currently no Speaker of the House.

Pennsylvanians like myself know Sen. Fetterman very well. Fetterman is an authentic Western Pennsylvanian. The rest of the nation outside of those who follow politics may not know him as well, and what they saw was someone who has the charisma and personality to fit into the pop culture mainstream and can reach people who don’t pay much attention to politics with understandable messages.

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