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Sunrise host Matt Shirvington has fired some tough questions at Anthony Albanese after new research revealed that Aussies are more worried about the cost of living than the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Millions of Aussies will head to polls on Saturday to vote in the referendum with the Yes campaign headed towards defeat.

But Prime Minister insists the Voice can still get over the line as he blasted the No camp and accused them of arrogance and spreading misinformation.

As Mr Albanese issued a last minute pitch on breakfast television on Friday, new research came out listing the most important issues for Australians.

Healthcare and wellbeing was ranked as the biggest priority, followed by housing and then soaring energy and household costs. 

The Voice referendum was way down the order in 17th, prompting Shirvo to suggest  it wasn’t an important issue in Aussies’ lives.

Matt Shirvington and co-host Nat Barr grilled the Prime Minister on Friday

‘So many of those things are cost of living, well ahead of this vote. How do you feel about that? he asked the prime minister.

‘The idea that you’ve been trying to, I guess, show the importance of this and what it means as a reflection of Australia, but Australians don’t see it as important as other things in their lives.’

Mr Albanese admitted that the Voice won’t impact on the lives of 97 per cent of Aussies.

‘Shirvo, that is exactly the point that I’ve been making. This is a change that won’t impact most of your listeners,’ he said.

‘For non-Indigenous Australians will have no impact at all. Because it is such a modest change. 

‘Just recognition of the first Australians in the constitution and a non-binding advisory committee from Indigenous Australians about Indigenous Australian issues so that we can get better outcomes.’

‘So this won’t impact 97 per cent of Australians’ lives at all. And it might, though, make a difference and might make things better for the three per cent of Australians who are amongst our most disadvantaged who have an eight year life expectancy gap.’

Anthony Albanese spent Friday morning doing breakfast TV interviews and issuing a 11th hour pitch to Aussies to vote Yes on Saturday

The prime minister believes the Voice can win, adding that most Aussies haven’t  voted yet.

‘There’s been an arrogance I think from the No campaign with some of the misinformation that’s out there,’ he said.

‘I think when Australians go in to the ballot box and ask themselves will I just write three letters YES to recognise the first Australians in our constitution, this is about the fair go.’

‘I’m hoping that Australians can find it in their heart but also in their head to say we need to do things better.’

He earlier told the Today show that the Voice was a request from First Nations Australian after years of consultation with thousands of Indigenous communities.

‘This is not my campaign. This is a request from the first Australians……and it’s a gracious request. 

‘We’re just asking fellow Australians to walk with them on the journey towards reconciliation.

‘This is a once in a generation opportunity for recognition.’

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