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The anguished parents of a British man killed by Hamas during a music festival in Israel on Saturday have said their final farewell to him.

Dor Shafir, and his fiance Savion Hen Kiper, both 30, were attending the Nova music festival near Re’im, a kibbutz in the south of Israel close to the Gaza border when Hamas terrorists soared over the fence using paragliders.

They landed and began shooting indiscriminately into the crowd, forcing the hundreds of attendees to scatter in terror. Around 270 people were killed.

Dor’s parents – father Itzik and mother Miriam – attended their son’s funeral on Wednesday, supported by other family members who tried to comfort them.

They were pictured weeping uncontrollably as Dor’s body was carried through a cemetery in Modiin Maccabim in a tragic scene that will be all-too common as people in Israeli bury the more than 1,300 people killed by Hamas gunmen.

The anguished parents of a British man killed by Hamas during a music festival in Israel on Saturday have said their final farewell to him. Pictured: Itzik and Miriam Shafir, seen sitting in the background, mourn during their son’s funeral at the cemetery in Modiin Maccabim

Dor Shafir, and his fiance Savion Hen Kiper, both 30, were attending the Nova music festival near Re’im, a kibbutz in the south of Israel close to the Gaza border when Hamas terrorists soared over the fence using paragliders. Pictured: Dor’s parents on Wednesday

Dor was last heard from early Saturday morning, as the attack unfolded. 

At around 7am he sent a text to his family to say he and Savion had managed to escape the initial slaughter and found shelter.

But the Shafir family told Good Morning Britain that Savion was later found dead, murdered by the terrorists who later captured hostages and fled back to Gaza.

Speaking to GMB on Monday, Miriam said at the time that Dor was unaccounted for, and that she was ‘praying’ that he would be found alive.

However, he was also later confirmed dead, with Miriam on Wednesday posting on Facebook in Hebrew, translated to English, to say that her son had been killed. ‘The Shafir family announces with great sorrow the murder of their son Dor,’ she wrote.

Speaking on Monday, before learning of her son’s fate, Miriam said: ‘We know from a person that saw them at the party that when they heard the first rockets my son and his girlfriend were the first to run to their car and leave. 

‘Within minutes everyone fled. They ran into the forest or got into their cars and started driving all over the place. Some of them were met by Hamas terrorists.

‘Some of the people were shot, some were taken hostage.

‘There were hundreds, hundreds of young people killed. We don’t even know who they are or where they are.’

Ms Shafir, whose parents are from Reading and Dublin, had urged the UK Government to get involved in efforts to trace British citizens in Israel.

She had added: ‘We are citizens, they should help stop this war crime from going on. There are hundreds of innocent people, women, children, young people, who are hostages in Gaza.’

Following the news of his death, friends posted tributes to Dor on social media.

‘When somebody dies, the instinct is to exaggerate their good qualities and overlook their bad,’ Nate Nelson wrote.

‘But I genuinely cannot recall a single time Dor Shafir was anything but kind, patient, fun, deeply thoughtful, and without any judgment for anyone.’

Another, named Anat Eylam, described Dor and his fiance as ‘a young couple with a whole life ahead of them’. She added: ‘Today, unfortunately, we learned that both of them were murdered by the cursed Hamas terrorists.’

She said ‘they only wanted to dance and rejoice’ at the festival in peace.

News of Mr Shafir’s death, reported by The Times, came as British authorities said on Wednesday that 17 UK nationals were either dead or missing in Israel.

Miryam Shafir, 55, with her son, Dor Shafir, and his fiancée, Savion Hen Kiper, at a bowling alley

Dor Shafir (left) is pictured on a hike with his father, Itzik (right)

Festivalgoers at the nature party near Re’im, in the south of Israel, close to the Gaza border

Among them is Nathaniel Young, 20, who was fulfilling a boyhood dream to serve in the Israeli army when he was killed in the unannounced Hamas attack. His funeral in Jerusalem was interrupted by air raid sirens and loud bangs.

The former pupil at JFS Jewish school in Kenton, north London, had been living in the Bayit Shel Benji lone-soldier house in Raanana, according to the Jewish News. 

Mr Young’s family said in a statement that he was ‘full of life and the life of the party’. They added: ‘He loved his family and friends and was loved by everyone. He loved music and was a talented DJ. 

‘Always willing to go to any lengths for his loved ones – an amazing uncle and brother. He was so happy and thriving in Israel. He loved the country.’ 

Another Briton killed by the terrorists is Glaswegian Bernard Cowen, 57, who lived in Israel with his wife and two children. He was identified on Sunday by family members as having been ‘murdered in cold blood in his home’ by Hamas terrorists.

Jake Marlowe, 26, is also among those known to have died. He was originally recorded as missing but was confirmed dead by the Israeli embassy in London.

Mr Marlowe was providing security at the Nova music festival.

His mother told the Jewish News on Sunday that the last message she got from her son was one saying he loved her. 

She said: ‘He was doing security at this rave yesterday and called me at 4.30am to say all these rockets were flying over. 

Corporal Nathanel Young, 20, from London, was a soldier in the 13th Battalion who lived in Tel Aviv and was killed by Hamas

Glasgow man Bernard Cohen (aka Cowan) killed on Saturday in Israel by Hamas

‘Then, at about 5.30am, he texted to say, ‘signal very bad, everything OK, will keep you updated I promise you’, and that he loves me.’

Another British victim, photographer Dan Darlington, is also believed to be dead after a relative of his German girlfriend Carolin Bohl – also missing – was told by a man working in a kibbutz that the bodies of the pair had been identified.

The couple were last heard from while hiding out in a bunker in Nir Or, a kibbutz in Southern Israel, according to Carolin Bohl’s brother-in-law Sam Pasquesi. 

Heartbreaking photographs on Instagram show the couple laughing together shortly before they vanished during the deadly attack on Israel.

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