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Trump melted down and criticized Netanyahu because the Israeli leader praised President Biden.

Jonathan Lemire reported on MSNBC’s Morning Joe,  “Part of the reason why Trump was critical of Netanyahu in the last couple of days, I am told by someone close to the former president is that Netanyahu had praised President Biden, of course, Trump’s likely rival in 2024. And Trump simply couldn’t stand for that.”


Trump said in an interview with Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade, “We have to protect Israel, there’s no choice. And do we have to do it? He has been hurt very badly because of what’s happened here. He was not prepared. He was not prepared, and Israel was not prepared. And under Trump, they wouldn’t have had to be prepared…Who would have thought their intelligence wouldn’t have been able to pick this up? Thousands of people were involved. Thousands of people knew about it, and they let this slip by. That was not a good thing for him or for anybody.”

The former president can’t help himself. He constantly shows his true colors. Trump doesn’t care about national security or Israel. As soon as his ego is bruised, Trump will stab America and its allies in the back.

Donald Trump is incapable of putting the country first. He has sided with the enemies of America for years, and continues to demonstrate why he should never be allowed back into the Oval Office.

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